Interview: Flosstradamus Almost Brought Australia Into Lockdown

Chicago trap lords Flosstradamus have brought life to electronic music with their ecstatic live shows and cult-like fan base. Having been on the scene for almost 10 years, they have been at the forefront of the trap movement since EDM's explosion. Their rise to fame comes with their ability to reinvent the live show as well as their ground breaking tracks from some of the world's most renowned labels such as Mad Decent, Fools Gold and Green Label Sound. But J2K (Josh) and Autobot (Curt) offer much more than music, rather offering their fans a lifestyle. All round, the Flosstradamus boys are downright legends, and there is no one in the scene more passionate about their music.

Josh and Curt came by the MoS studios during their Australian tour, to talk about their fans, touring, their new EP and almost bringing Australia into lockdown.

How was the Australian tour?

Curt: Amazing, it's giving the states a run for its money!

You guys manage to have such a strong connection with Australian fans, it's almost like you have a cult following. Is this your secret to success?

Curt: Yes, people say we are illuminati and that could or could not be true.

Josh: No for real though, it's definitely a cult. It's definitely something where our fan base is something that's more of a movement than just like “Oh I'm a fan of Flosstradamus" or “I'm a fan of trap." It's more about who you are and what you are about. We are really influenced by what ICP (Insane Clown Posse) did with the juggalo movement, and we made our own universe to exist in which is good.

We heard you almost ran into a bit of trouble doing your Aus promo video outside the Opera House? (Watch Here)

Josh: Yeah I got swarmed by security, it was crazy, they thought it was an ISIS flag which is whatever, so stupid. But I can understand with what just happened here recently, they were a little bit on edge. I told them it was HDYNATION and they were all down. They are all HDY boys now.

You've recently released your latest EP. We know you guys usually keep tight-lipped about it before it's released, but is there anything you can share with us. Feature artists?

Josh: Sure. The EP is called Soundclash, and the reason behind that is because it is a mix of our style clashing with the producers and artists that we really are feeling at the time. So there's features with Troiboy, GTA, Lil Jon, Valentino Khan, Ricky Remedy and Run The Jewels. The whole EP is really based on the idea behind collaboration.

So it seems like you have a few Hip-Hop artists on the EP. Is this the direction we can be expecting you to take?

Curt: Yeah that's the main thing. There are all different styles within our world that are displayed on this EP.

How are you guys celebrating the release of the EP?

Josh: Well it's on 4/20, so yeah you know we are definitely getting baked. But it's cool we are doing a party called HDYFEST, it's in Austin on 4/20 or 20/4 if you are in Australia. But it's going to be rad. It's the first time we are doing a proper EP party and hopefully we can branch it out into a mini-festival for our movement.

And how about the release format? Any chance your fans can get that on a Vaporizer again?

Curt: Haha not this release, it takes a long time to make a vaporizer, and that means the album will be put out next year.

Your clothing label offers much more than the standard artist merch store, do you guys have creative control over what clothing you release?

Curt: 100%. Yeah we do all the designs for that, with a little bit of help from our management as well, but yeah we do everything and come up with our own concepts.

How did your nail polish collaboration 'Floss Gloss' come about?

Curt: Yeah my girl is a manicurist. There is a company called Floss Gloss, and I got to meet them through my girlfriend. They were totally unrelated to us even though our fans think we started our own company up.

Josh: But those girls are fans of us and that's how we found out about them. I would see them on Twitter and stuff like that, and we met up with them and it became a product.

What's your next product collaboration? Can we expect some form of 420 Flosstradamus approved fairy floss?

Curt: That actually sounds dope, but we aren't going to be doing that.

Josh: Our next collaboration is from 47Brand which is a massive hat company in the US. They do all the hats for Major League Baseball and National Hockey. They reached out to us a while ago to do a small run of things last year, and we did a couple items and it sold out instantaneously, so they were happy with that. So we are doing a full run of 10 hats as well as few different pieces of apparel, and so it's by far the biggest apparel line we've ever done. We are stoked because as an artist in electronic music, there is no one really doing that. You see that usually in hip-hop that an artist will have his own line and even then it's rare where you see them curate and design the entire thing…so look out Kanye!

Flosstradamus' Soundclash EP is out now on iTunes. Don't forget to enter our Floss Comp to win some Flosstradamus Merch