In Focus: Generik

With a repertoire in electronic music as a DJ, chart topping producer and a resident host on Channel V, Generik is rapidly becoming one of the biggest tastemakers and party enthusiasts in Australia. While he is not taking photos of people sleeping on planes, or the tele, Generik is floating from city to city DJing at some of the country's biggest parties. After mixing the second CD on the Sessions Twelve compilation (tracklist here), We caught Generik for a quick chat.

How did you first get into electronic music?
I guess it was hearing 2manydjs play. They mixed indie/rock stuff which I was into at the time with dance music and from there it sparked my interest!

What was the one track that originally brought you to love dance music?
The Boys Noize remix of Bloc Party - Banquet, such a huge tune!

You seem to be a bit of a 'jack of all trades' when it comes to dance music. You are currently a DJ globe trotter, chart topper, host on Channel V, and a social media dynamo. What's your secret? Is this all part of your master plan?
There's no secret! I just like being busy and keeping my brain working. Hopefully I'll DJ at the Queen's birthday or on mars. Either would be cool!

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you on tour?
You wouldn't believe me even if I told you, so I'll just leave that one alone ;)

You're pretty tight with Calvin Harris, what is he like? Do you guys keep in contact?
He's awesome, kind of like my big brother minus the wedgies.

Which artists do you think are killing it right now?
I'm really enjoying the Skrillex & Diplo project Jack U, Chris Lake is making some amazing club records as well as The Magician & Blonde. On an Australian level, Anna Lunoe is on FIRE, I don't think I've Shazam'd more in my life when I heard her play on Holy Ship! What So Not is this dope underground guy who's doing things. I'm really loving Dance Cult, Nicky Night Time & Daggers they're making some amazingly cool house music!

What would be on your dream rider?
It's already on my rider, but clean socks and jocks. Always come in handy!

You've recently mixed the latest Sessions 12 compilation, tell us how that experience was?
It was a great honour to mix a Ministry of Sound CD.

What's your favourite Ministry of Sound Compilation?
Sessions 12 because I mixed it!

What's next for Generik? A track dedicated to Mondays?
Finishing up a remix for Hayden James at the moment and then hopefully finishing a bunch of records which I will be probably be playing on tour!

Burger, Pizza or Burrito?
Burger & pizza. Fuck burritos.

Sessions Twelve is out now on iTunes.