Interview: Komes

Slaying clubs around the country for a number of years and releasing an array of Beatport belters, Komes has left his mark as one of the biggest talents to come out of the Gold Coast. Coming off the back of a massive year of touring and mixing our Clubbers Guide to Spring 2014 compilation, Komes has teamed up with fellow Australian party enthusiast Chardy for 'Harmonica Boy', a massive bounce anthem with a funky western twist. As we gear up for one of the year's biggest releases, we caught up with Komes for a chat about Harmonica Boy plus more.

Thanks for chatting with us Komes. Tell us a bit about how Harmonica Boy came about?
I flew down from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, where Chardy is based, to go for a surf and hang out. After a freezing cold session in the water we got working in his studio where things heated up real quick! I had some harmonica stuff that I really liked saved on my hard drive so we built the track up from that.

What was it like working with Chardy?
Chardy is a BOSS! I was surprised how easily we got our ideas working. The track came together effortlessly - which is a great rule of thumb that the track has potential. One of the things about production that sunk in later that I liked, was that if an idea isn't working, forcing it is not going to make it any better. You have to love what you're making or move on. We have already been talking about a follow up track but I might pass on the icy cold surf this time!

Which Aussies do you think are absolutely killing it right now?
Peking Duk, I love those boys! Their big personalities really show when they jump up on stage which I think is really cool & genuine.

What are your favourite clubs to play at?
HQ Adelaide is great, they have a large capacity venue that brings the masses who are always down for a good party. Sky Garden Bali is a great experience also. Such a mix of countries and cultures on the dance floor so it keeps you on your toes as a DJ. Different to playing nationally around Australia but I loved it. I always have a good time at Gilligans in Cairns as well, heaps of backpackers there that are keen to party. Honestly, I like any club that attracts good patrons who are down to have a good time!

If you had to listen to one song 5 times every day for the rest of your life what would it be?
One song! Wow that's way too hard! I couldn't do it. I am already sick of looking at my friends tattoo he only got a few weeks ago.

Tell us one Komes fact that your fans probably don't know?
A few years ago I rescued an older couple from dangerous surf conditions at a beach in the Gold Coast. I was awarded a Bravery Commendation from the Australian Government at a ceremony and all. I'm really proud of that!

What's your favourite MoS Compilation?
The ones that first got me in to DJing, around 2006 I think - The Annuals and the Sessions CDs that were mixed by John Course & Goodwill are the most memorable ones. Getting the opportunity to mix Clubbers Guide to Spring 2014 was also a great experience for me.

What can fans expect from you in the rest of the year?
Expect the unexpected! Taking risks with different styles of music, I feel it's a good move! I aim to release much more music towards the end half of this year.

Last but not least, which do you prefer: Burger, Pizza or Burrito?
I have been eating really good lately, why must you make me choose!! But when I'm super hungover I tend to find myself demolishing a Supreme pizza from Pizza Capers.

Harmonica Boy is out now on iTunes.