Interview: Martin Solveig

French powerhouse Martin Solveig has had a lighting year in 2015, despite taking some time off the touring circuit to write and record new music. The time off has paid off with Martin releasing the two huge singles in 'Intoxicated' and '+1', which (in particularly '+1') have dominated clubs around the globe and even making it's way up the charts - something that hasn't been achieved from Camp Solveig since his 2011 album 'Smash'. With a career dating back to around 2002, Martin is 5 albums deep in his evolving career, and is in the perfect place to set up a 6th Album. However with an epic season-long residency at Pacha Ibiza during the European Summer, it looks as though Martin's schedule is keeping him pretty occupied.

We caught up with Martin Solveig ahead of the release of his latest single '+1' for a quick chat about writing new records, changing his sound and what we can expect from Martin in 2016.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest track '+1' and how it came about?

For +1, I wanted to make a straight dance record where the vocals blend totally in the music and the instrumental, so that it had a feel of a club track. On the lyrics side, you're basically limited to "shake your body, move it, do it to the music". I just tried to twist "I Want You" in a different way, and it became "Can I be your +1 ? ".

Following on from 'Intoxicated', '+1' maintains the future house style that is new to the 'Martin Solveig sound' that we all know and love on previous hit records. What was the reason behind your change in sound? Was it just natural progression?

'Intoxicated' and '+1' are more a reinterpretation of my early days as a producer when I was doing house music. Of course, I was inspired by the emerging future house scene, and I'm actually very interested in melting old house and disco influences with new electronic digital sounds. This is what I'm working on right now.

In the lead up to your latest releases, you briefly took some time off from touring and focused on writing music. What was it like being back in the studio?

I consider myself a very slow worker. For me, having a little of time ahead in the studio is priceless : I can really relax and take the time to listen to music, get inspired, search, make research on melodies, go in depth. That's the thing I've lacked so much in the past years.

In the European Summer, you also recently held your own 'Martin Solveig Presents My House' weekly residency at Pacha Ibiza. Can you tell us Aussies a little bit about it?

I created the My House parties for two reasons : first off, I wanted to do it in a very personal way, and have my personal approach. Second thing, I wanted the people at the end of the party to feel like home, like they're at my house.

What is so special about Summer in Ibiza and the 'My House' residency?

First off, this party is pure club experience : it's pretty different from a festival experience. There are seven hours of music, sometimes more. Basically, you have time : the Dj can set the vibe, he doesn't need the people to scream and shout every 30 seconds. I create a very laidback atmosphere, where people can be a part of the night, become the night. When the light comes up, the atmosphere is indefinable. Music wise, My House is a house party in the spirit of the island but with an open mind : it runs from deep house to techno, to slightly pop and crossover tunes ; a mix of all this. Only you won't find is really aggressive music. Ibiza is so special, it's the ultimate party place, people from all over Europe and more come there : the mix of population makes it very special.

Which artists are inspiring you at the moment?

Right now, I'm into a wide range of music running from Chris Lake to Andhim, basically from the new electronic house coming from UK and US to deeper but still powerfull house coming from Germany. Finally, I have to say that I digged a little in my french house and listened to early Daft Punk, Cassius, and all the sounds from that time ; end-90s early-2000s.

What's next for Martin ?

I'm now in studio for the winter, working on a series of new tracks in collaboration with guest producers. Starting around January 2016, I'll release a series of fresh tracks, probably three until the summer. After they're all released, they may be gathered in an album. It's an option, but still unconfirmed. I will start my summer touring at the end of Spring. "My House", my residency at Pacha Ibiza will come back for it's second season, starting at the end of May until end of September, every Wednesday of the summer. Another residency will take place in Vegas.

Martin Solveig's <<+1>> is out now on iTunes.