Interview: Paces Chats About The Year 1993, Vacations and Dank Memes

You might not know the name Mikey Perry, but it is a name synonymous with Australia's current electronic music scene. Known as one half of local party heroes Surecut Kids, he is more notably the man behind the powerhouse tropical beat project Paces. From being dubbed as an artist "Set to own 2014", to delivering a stack of music treasured by his Australian audience, Paces has gone on to global proportions with releases like 'Nothing's Forever (feat. Kucka), Hold It Down (ft. Reija Lee) and his latest single '1993 (No Chill) [Feat. Jess Kent], which have all blown up across Australia.

Standing out in Australia's blossoming electronic scene isn't an easy task, however Paces has uniquely established himself as an MPC power-master dropping a combination of Trap, Hip-Hop amongst the Tropical party jams that we all know and love.

Now with Mikey locking in the release of his debut album 'Vacation' (due out in March), Paces is taking the next step on his musical journey, stepping away from the 'single' format and stepping into a full piece 'album'. We caught up with Paces to chat about the new album, future plans and dank memes (how could we not).

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Mikey (AKA Paces), you're gearing up to release your debut album 'Vacation', and so far we're loving the lead single '1993 (No Chill)'. Can you tell us a bit about the record?

Thanks man. That was a really fun track to make. I was an instant fan of Jess as soon as I heard her track 'Get Down '. It seemed like we'd be a good musical fit and luckily for me she felt the same way. I'd been writing a bunch of beats inspired by early M.I.A. tracks, one of which ended up becoming 1993.

What are your best memories of 1993?

Probably just going surfing with my dad and listening to hip hop (I loved NWA because of all the swearing). I didn't have heaps of friends back then so the highlights were definitely centred around surfing.

You also locked in one of Australia's most renowned singer and songwriter, Guy Sebastian. How did you manage to lock that one in?

Yeah crazy huh! I still can't believe that happened! Guy had invited me down to Sydney to work on his album in late 2015, so we'd spent a bit of time writing in his studio. Turns out he's a fan of my tunes which is so surreal. He was awesome to work with. Just a totally down to earth, normal guy with a family and a job. Except his job is 'international popstar'.

The song 'Desert' was written by Alexander Burnett from Sparkadia. I'd written the music and had Alex's draft vocal in place, trying to figure out the right vocalist to sing it. I didn't think Guy would be keen because he's so busy with X Factor and his own album, but he jumped on there and absolutely crushed it!

Considering all the hype on the whole 'Shannon Noll vs Guy Sebastian' debate right now, judging by your first hand experience, do you think Guy was the worthy winner of 2003 Australian Idol?

Haha yep, 100%. #TeamGuy 4lyfe!

You've worked with and have managed to locked down some impressive vocalists on your records, but who would your dream collaborator be and why?

I've always wanted to do a track with Grimes or La Roux. They're at the top of my 'impossible dreams' list. Both have such unique voices, it would be so cool to make something for either of them.

You're about to drop your debut album 'Vacation', Why did you decided to go for an album format? How long has this been in the making for?

I've always been an album guy. I get it that nowadays it's more economically viable to only put out singles and tour each one, but I love it when one of my favourite artists releases an album. Whenever I discover new music by someone I've never heard before, I want to hear a whole album. It can be a real let down if there's only one song available. So it's always been a goal of mine.

Plus I think people hold on to it for longer. A single sort of disappears after a few months unless it's a massive hit, but an album by one of your faves can stick with you for life. I want people to be on a road trip a few years from now and be like “I feel like listening to that old Paces album" ya know?

The writing process took about 6 months. I write pretty quickly so I had a huge list of demo tracks. Then it was a matter of finding the right vocalists for each one. Some tracks took the whole 6 months to come together, others only took 3 days.

Any plans to tour or expand the live show?

Absolutely! I've been working on expanding the live show. I'm working my way toward a bigger setup where I have more instruments on stage plus guests and visuals etc.

You were up for consideration in the Triple J Hottest 100 with 'Hold It Down' and 'Nothings Forever', what was your #1 track of 2015?

For me it was Good Times by Jamie XX. Such a vibe on that one!!

Give us one dank meme to describe your 2015?

Grab 'Vacation' iTunes.