Interview: Savage

With a diverse rapping ability like no other, New Zealand's very own Savage has come a long way since the early Moonshine days. After countless hit singles and collaborations, Savage is still rapping his way to the top of the charts with three massive crossover dance tracks in Swing with Joel Fletcher, Freaks with Timmy Trumpet and now his newie Like Michael Jackson. His collaboration with Timmy Trumpet astoundingly became the highest selling single in MoS Australia's history by reaching the 5x Platinum Achievement Award. Aside from the music, Savage is one of those down to earth legends withan archive of knowledge and rap lyrics.

We had a chat with Savage ahead of the release of his latest track 'Like Michael Jackson'

What are your hobbies outside of music?
Supporting my kids sports teams, I love fishing, paintball, driving range but most of all enjoying my off times with my kids.

What's it like collaborating with Timmy Trumpet?
Timmy has opened my eyes to a lot of positive things and I've learnt a lot from him. He is a Level 10 music genius and one stand up guy. They are very hard to find these days. His work ethic is inspiring and he has to be one of the most genuine people I've met. God put us on a track for a reason! Got nothing but alofa (Love) for my Uso (Brother) Timmy Trumpet

Where were you when you heard that 'Freaks' had gone 5x Platinum?
I was with my youngest daughter at her school park when I got the news. I couldn't believe it, I remember looking up to the sky and saying "Thank you Jesus". God is good.

How did you feel?
I was REALLY happy and grateful. I felt very blessed to have achieved such a great milestone.

You've recently toured the country with Uberjak'd and JaySounds, tell us how that went down?
Man it has been one AWESOME tour aye. These guys are like brothers to me now and Uberjak'd is a really down to earth genuine person who has really inspired me. His presence on stage and energy he draws in from the crowd is MEAN and he has given me really positive feedback and tips on my DJ set, just a really stand up Brother. JaySounds is definitely going to be BIG one day, a very hard working lad who puts on a CRAZY show. This dude is only in his teens and has a great future ahead of him one down to earth brother with a good head on his shoulders. Also S/O to our tour managers too Sam and Itchy.....NO FLEX ZONE!

Who parties the hardest?
I think we are all one for one on this tour aha. I forgot my Serato box at one show, UberJak'd lost his phone, headphones & USB at another show and Jaysound was partying under the table during Uberjak'd set at another show aha. Skoodaye!

What inspired you to write Michael Jackson?
Whenever you go to a party, a wedding or a nightclub when you hit the dance floor, who do people try to imitate? Michael Jackson and look at some of the great RnB singers now, whose dance moves are heavily inspired by MJ like Usher, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo etc. It is just a good metaphor for the track as well as my own tribute to one of the greatest musicians/ entertainers of all time.

Who else have you been working with in the studio?
I've got a track with my bro DJ Kronic ft. Far East Movement, I've also just cut a track with A-trak for a remix of his "Out The Speakers" that features Sage the Gemini and I'm working on a track with TJR, Valentino Khan and working on a new track with Uberjak'd and talking to Timmy Trumpet about doing another track together as well as my own songs I've got lined up.

What would be on your dream rider?
Man I think my rider is up there aye, it was my US rider I brought back down under. I've been asked to cut it down though, but it would be dope to add:

1x hour glass with sand from Egypt
1x Alaskan king crab platter for 10 people
1x golf cart equip with a DJ set up
And my performance fee to be paid in Gold bars but the Gold has to be from Discovery channel show called "Gold Rush".

What do you prefer: Burger, Pizza or Burrito?
Surprisingly I'm not a huge Pizza or Burger lover, I think I'll go with a Burrito with extra guacamole aha.

Like Michael Jackson is out now on iTunes