Interview: Set Mo

Australian house duo Set Mo are on track to becoming a household name in Australia with the release of their latest track White Dress gaining traction around the country, through its regular club and radio play across the country. Channeling that European Summer vibe, White Dress is a smooth, soulful house number that makes you want to pack your bags and hop straight on the first flight to Ibiza. Comprised of Sydney boys Nick and Stu, Set Mo have come a long way since their early club thumpers like Keep On, and have now backed up their latest single with a massive Australian tour, followed by an upcoming set at Australia's prime camping festival Splendour In The Grass. With a swag of other noteworthy tunes including originals Tiptoe, Forever (ft. Joyride) and their collaboration with Young Franco, as well as huge remixes of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Cassian and Art vs Science, it's no surprise the duo have now been hand-picked by MTV for the Brand New competition (which you should totally vote for them RIGHT NOW).

Regulars to the Ministry of Sound HQ, we caught up with the Set Mo legends for a chat about the art of moustaches and their widely popular track White Dress.

Tell us how did you guys link up in the beginning?
We met at a party (that funnily enough was called "Friends") on a Wednesday night in 2010. We'd both been doing the Sydney circuit for couple of years and were actually playing all the same venues but up until this time hadn't properly met. We were both dabbling in production and started spending our weeks hanging out making sample based disco house. This developed over the next few years with us refining our sound and releasing on local label Random Soul and Bobbin Head and eventually signing to etcetc where we've been since!

Alright, we hear you have an awesome story about how you guys came up with the name 'Set Mo'. Tell us about it?
We were both rocking moustaches back when we first met and one night a very drunk man spotted me and singled me out telling me I had a very "Set mo" and that I was an "operator". Ever since then we have been Set Mo - originally the Set Mo Operators.

Going off topic here, of all the iconic Australian moustaches out there, who dons the best mo?
Definitely Merv Hughes. If you're not aware of this Mo you can thank us later.

What was the inspiration behind your latest single 'White Dress'? Where were you guys when you wrote it?
We were in a studio in London after a week of Ibiza closing parties. Surprisingly we were still alive enough to bang out 5 different tracks in the 5 days we had the studio and one of those was the beginning of White Dress. We brought the tune back to our studio in Sydney where Deutsch Duke heard it and immediately asked if he could be involved. He came up with the concept of a summer holiday romance and the girl in the white dress. We then holed up in his studio late one night with a few bottles of red and nutted out all the lyrics together and Deutsch recorded the first vocal take which we actually ended up using on the track. Was definitely one of the most magical studio sessions we've been a part of.

Between Ibiza, London and Sydney, do you find that your location inspires your work differently?
100% - after hearing a weeks worth of grooving house and rolling techno at all times of day/night/day again our writing was quite different to previously in Sydney. The studio we had in London was part of a complex called Tileyards which is home to acts such as Mark Ronson, Basement Jaxx and The Prodigy were finishing there latest album off there at the time as well. Being surrounded by such amazing talent was certainly inspiring and motivating for us and then coming back to the comfort of Sydney was great for putting the finishing touches on the tune.

We love the cameo you guys made in the music video, was that your idea?
Haha we definitely wanted to try make a cameo but certainly didn't want to force it. The main concept for the video we came up with and then developed the idea with the production company and label. We were very involved with the whole process and were on set the whole time. The actual cameo was very spur of the moment filming another scene of the clip and we thought "why don't we just sit here while they're filming"!

You've recently been rolling around the country on the White Dress tour, how did that go down?
It's been amazing! As it's been our first national tour we didn't know exactly what to expect but rocking up to different cities all around the country and having people sing your song back to you is a truly special and humbling feeling. Not to mention the ridiculously fun late nights had post show ;-)

The last show for the tour at Splendour In The Grass is coming up shortly, Have you guys got anything lined up for that?
We're lucky enough to have 2 x 30 minute sets which means we get to do one that will be strictly Set Mo originals and remixes and the 2nd set will be a nod to our classic house influences. Expect nothing from the last 10 years in that 2nd set!

What are your essential items that you'll be bringing up to the festival?
Warm clothes (Byron is cold in July!), ear plugs, club kicks (shoes that you don't care about), tequila, a comb, USB full of bangers.

Their latest single White Dress is out now on iTunes - Meanwhile throw them a vote over at MTV Brand New.