Interview: Sigala

To say that Sigala has had an eventful year would be an understatement. His debut single 'Easy Love' topped the charts across the world, knocking Justin Bieber off the #1 spot in the UK. Bruce Fielder, the man behind Sigala, jumped in the deep end by taking a sample from The Jackson 5's mega-classic 'ABC' and turning it into 'Easy Love', a melodically uplifting house jam that has Summer written all over it. The story of 'Easy Love' could have ended where it begun, however the sample was given the green light and the seal of approval from Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson. The song has since dominated the world, rapidly conquering the charts in Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden and Australia and was followed by an equally chart dominating track 'Sweet Lovin' which further bolstered his spot as an artist to watch in 2016.

To celebrate the release of his third hit single 'Say You Do'' in Australia, we caught up with Sigala for a chat. He also gave us this handy playlist of his Top 10 Favourite Club Tracks.

Hi Bruce (Sigala), Thanks for chatting with us. You've skyrocketed out of nowhere to produce one of the most talked about tracks in the world right now. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I come from quite a musical background, my family have always been massively into music, so I was encouraged to learn piano at a very young age. After playing in jazz and rock bands for my early teen years I started looking for something new and exciting, this is where my love for dance music began. I moved to London from Norfolk 5 years ago to study music at university and then went on to write and produce for other artists for a couple of years. I recently reached a point where I wanted to just create something for myself, instead of writing to a brief, and 'Easy Love' is what came out.

How about the name 'Sigala'? What is the meaning behind the name?

It's an old family name, it comes from a renegade grandparent a few generations back who had his wicked way with my great, great grandmother and then did a runner, leaving her with their child. She chose not to pass his surname onto her child. I just thought it was a cool name so adopted it for my own.

You came from playing in bands to becoming a DJ/producer, how different are the two environments and what spurred the career change?

Dragging a digital piano, which weighs more than I do, around on the London Underground lost its appeal after a couple of years. I love the fact that I can create and play music anywhere I want with just a laptop and a pair of headphones.

We fell in love with your debut release 'Easy Love', how did the track come about?

I was producing and writing for a lot of other artists at the time and it got to the point when I just wanted to do something for my own enjoyment. There was no great plan in place, it was just a Sunday evening at home playing around with an acapella and drinking a couple of beers. I had no idea it would do so well.

We've heard some horrid stories of samples not being cleared. How did you manage to clear a sample from arguably one of the most historic pop groups, The Jackson 5?

Ministry of Sound UK took care of this very early on, and clearly did a great job of ensuring we could use the sample.

We heard that a member of The Jackson 5 came over to your studio? How did that all unfold?

Tito Jackson was recording his album in the studio block where I work, and I knew the guys he was working with so we set up a meeting to play him the track. I was very nervous playing it to him in case he thought I had defiled the classic song. He is a really nice dude, and he loved the track, we still keep in touch.

Australia is still embracing 'Easy Love' with open arms, with 'Sweet Lovin'' on it's way up, tell us what's next for Sigala?

Well obviously, Sweet Lovin' is out now, and I have the next couple of singles ready to go! I am also working on my album and starting to tour. This is just the beginning for me. I'm in this for the long run!

If your sound was an ice cream flavour, what flavour would it be?

I'm lactose intolerant so it would probably be a Sorbet..

'Say You Do'' is out now on iTunes.

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