Interview: Tenzin

Having been a player in Australia's EDM scene for over 5 years and with a career spanning much longer, DJ Tenzin is one of the most prolific tastemaker, party rockers coming out of Australia right now. Smashing out tracks with almost all of Australia's big name artists as well as some small-time internationals like Nicki Minaj, and remixes for Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Wiz Khalifa. Having been a regular fixture on the Future Music Festival circuit, Tenzin has played host to many other big names, and oh boy…does he have stories to tell.

Taking on mixing duties for Sessions Twelve (which is out now) we caught up with Tenzin for a chat.

1. What have you been up to so far this year?
Pretty much just sticking the DJ/Producer grind, that involves a shit ton of flights and late nights. I have written a whole lot of great new music so the rest of the year is pretty sorted release wise. I have done a few cool things like Co-hosting a Channel V's Messed Up Show with Generik, did a shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, and more recently been attempting to get fit (don't laugh).

2. Over the past 3 years, you have played a strong part as the host of the main stage at the now defunct Future Music Festival, can you share any crazy experiences you had whilst on the national tour?
This one time the notorious for throwing hissy fits" Azalea Banks commandeered my dressing room which my whole crew was partying in while I was on stage playing and then after kicking everyone out of it closing the door, she than decided she wouldn't even come on stage, so I had to play her set too. So the crowd start tossing objects at me and I'm dropping bangers trying to keep them happy so I'm say over mic it's all her fault etc, then I heard she got booted off site.

3. Who's the best artist to tour with?
Timmy Trumpet - Its very rare that you get to experience such amazing moments and have so much fun with your best mate! That is closely followed by The Stafford Brothers, because once all of us are on the red cordial thing get a little wild.

4. What would be on your dream rider?

  • Couple of Bugatti Veyron's for cruising back stage or playing dodgem cars.
  • Gulfstream G6 in case I need to get back to my private island and pick up my USB I forgot.
  • Jet Pack for entrance onto stage.
  • Private Masseuse for after I crash the jet pack into booth monitors
  • Adriana Lima pouring me vodka apple.

5. You've got a new track with G-Wizard on the upcoming Sessions Twelve compilation, tell us about a bit about the track and what it's like working with G-Wizard.
The track is called "Coming Through" and features an incredibly talented individual called Xavier, this guy is destined for some big things and he's really easy to work with and a super awesome dude. G-Wizard is great to work with too, the last record we did together "Black Cyrus ft. Nikki Minaj" we finished in about 4 hours of studio then a couple of tweaks. He's a great producer and he constantly thinks up ways we can make the track better.

6. What's your favourite Ministry of Sound Compilation?
Sessions 10 - Timmy Trumpet & SCNDL

This comp has really good mix from start to end and the boys killed it at all of the track selections they made.

7. Which artists do you think are killing it right now?
Timmy Trumpet, Will Sparks, Flume from Oz for sure.

8. What's your favourite venue to play at?
Probably Zouk in Singapore, this place goes absolutely nuts. One minute you think it could be a slow night, then after your first track they are bouncing off the walls.

9. What hobby do you have outside of dance music?
My latest hobby is Jet Skiing, I bought one a few weeks ago and It's been keeping me pretty busy.

10. Burger, Pizza or Burrito?
Vegetarian Pizza of course all day every!!!!!

Sessions Twelve is out now on iTunes