Interview: Tujamo Talks Booty Bounce And Working With Steve Aoki

In the space of 2 years electro house producer Tujamo has become one of the most in-demand DJs in the world. Thanks to successive hits and collaborations with Taio Cruz, Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, Danny Avila & Jacop Plant, Tujamo has blown up to astronomical proportions, frequently landing songs in the Beatport Charts and mainstages around the globe. After the release and success of 'Booty Bounce' in 2015, Tujamo recruited mega pop star Taio Cruz to lay down some vocals on one of the biggest club tracks of the year. We had a chat with Tujamo to talk about the release of 'Booty Bounce' with Taio Cruz.

'Booty Bounce' is out now on iTunes.

Hey Tujamo, Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. You've been on the circuit producing and DJing for a few years, since you were 17. What would you say was the moment you had your big break?

I think it was Boneless (later ‚Delirious' as vocal version). This one definitely gave me a good push. For me personally it was 'Booty Bounce'.

How did your new track 'Booty Bounce' come about?

Well, I wasn't really planning on the success of 'Booty Bounce'. So the production was just like any other. I had this really cool vocal snippet that worked its magic before the drop and everything else just came into place from there.

'Booty Bounce' also had a gloriously controversial video clip. Was that your idea? What were your initial thoughts of it?

The idea actually came from my management and a filming crew from the US. I was literally overwhelmed at first glance of the result, but it has definitely had its appeal on me. It just meets the criteria of the track

in a way where you would actually say it's too much. But then again it was a controversial idea and so the video definitely had to reflect that.

You've acquired the talent of megastar Taio Cruz on the vocal version of 'Booty Bounce', what was your reaction like, to get someone of his calibre on one of your tracks?

What do you think? I was super excited about him writing the vocals for this track. I've always been a fan of his productions and so this for me was a perfect fit.

You've gained with world's attention with your countless hit singles and remixes including 'Dr. Who', 'Delirious (Boneless)' and now 'Booty Bounce' among many. What's your best advice for balancing your signature sound with originality?

You know, for me it is always very important to produce music that you like. I think a certain vibe will be carried along with it while you're producing. I definitely have a signature sound and it has become very popular out there. But there's

more to that. In order to stay loyal to your own sound and still be creative and diversified you need to look at new ways of wrapping that sound into a song. Try different styles of harmonies or maybe choose other percussion or baselines

along with the sound. There are millions and millions of sounds out there, so there's no need to always use the same ones along with your signature sound.

And now something a little more fun: What's your favourite track so far in 2016?

Actually, this changes from hour to hour :-)

Who is the most famous person you have in your phone contact list?

Diplo, Steve Aoki

Who is your favourite person to follow on Twitter/Instagram?

Dillon Francis

What is the one track you wish you had produced?

Jack Ü - Where Are Ü Now

What's planned for Tujamo in 2016?

New music and more touring. I'm working on a lot of new stuff at the moment, looking for vocalists and all that stuff. I'm extremely motivated.