Interview: Will Sparks Taking On The World

While you may have been sleeping on the Melbourne Bounce phenomenon, local Melbournian Will Sparks has risen to be one of Australia's most in demand DJ/Producers. From producing in his bedroom, to beatport #1's, 3-month U.S tours and now his very own record label, there is nothing Will Sparks can't accomplish right now. His new label Bourne Recordings derives its name from his home city of MelBOURNE, and focuses on finding the hottest undiscovered talent from around the globe.

Will was kind enough to have a chat with us ahead of the launch of his new label and the release of the first single 'Flutatious'.

Hey Will! There was a massive Aussie invasion over in Miami this year, what mischief did you guys get up to?

It was like you were on holiday with all your best mates. Too bad I was sick for most of the time, but we gave it a solid nudge.

Because you are all so busy on the road, was it like a massive reunion over there?

Never have we had all of us in one place together. Mental times.

Now, you have recently launched your own label Bourne Recordings, what influenced you to start your own label?

When I was a young up and coming producer, I never knew where to go or how to get my music on a label. So now that I've experienced it all. I want to help the young talent that aren't in the spotlight, and really push them. That's why Bourne was born.

What direction are you taking the new label in? Is it primarily focused on bounce music?

Anything that sounds amazing to me… If the track is great, it doesn't really matter which label it's on, as long as it's distributed the right way.

The first release on your label is the highly anticipated track 'Flutatious', tell us a bit about the track?

It was waited out for ages, purely because we wanted it as the first release on Bourne. Even though it's so old, people still got around it which was mad.

Are there any upcoming artists we can expect to hear on the new label?

Heaps! Matt Watkins, Joel Corry, Who Killed Mickey, Uberjakd and Zoolanda all have bombs waiting to be released.

Between your releases, touring, radio show and record label, you are seriously doing it all right now. What's next for Will Sparks?

I want to send a message, you will see.

And last but not least, do you prefer Burgers or Pizza?

Pizza for suurrrrrre.

Flutatious is out now on iTunes