Interview: Wiwek on Jungle Terror and his Australian Tour

Wiwek (pronounced Oui-Wack) fuses electronic elements with tropical rhythms to create a distinctive and refreshing sound know as Jungle Terror. After championing the term, Wiwek has certainly left his mark in the EDM world with massive festival sets, mammoth tracks and keeping close ties with buddies like Skrillex, Yellow Claw and Gregor Salto. Hot off the OSWLA stage at Ultra Music Festival, Wiwek is making his Jungle Terror debut in Australia, at some of the biggest clubs in the country.

Currently just landing in Australia, we spoke to Wiwek on his travels.

Where are you from? and how did the name 'Wiwek' come about?

I am from Holland, my parents are from Surinam and my great grand parents from India.

Wiwek is also my real name. Gregor Salto insisted a few years ago to use that also as my artist name. Worked out pretty well!

You specialise in your own sound called 'Jungle Terror'. For those that don't know, what exactly is Jungle Terror?

Its a personal trademark I use for my tunes. Which was always a bit harder than usual tribal. I had fill a genre in on soundcloud otherwise I couldnt upload it so I just started to call my music ' Jungle terror'

You have recently released your latest EP on Yellow Claw's Barong Family label, What was it like getting them on board and supporting your music?

Really happy about that. They have been a huge support so far. They wanted to help me establishing myself in the scene with my 'jungle terror' brand. Its good to work with people who actually love what you do.

You also made an appearance on the OSWLA stage at UMF, How was it?

Awesome! I was playing during the sunset. It was super packed. Couldn't wish for a better USA festival debut.

Your sound is so niche in comparison to other producers, where do you get your influences from, and which artists are inspiring you at the moment?

I get influenced by almost all kinds of music. Each style of music has a certain element I love. Like the simple but effectiveness from the Dutch club music which was hot around 2010. But also the combination of toughness and sexiness from the 2000's-ish hip hop music, like the Neptunes and Timbaland. But I think people feel I sound so different because I also get lots of inspiration from all kinds of local Asian and African traditional grooves and drums and even movie theme music.

It's your first time in Australia, is there anything you are looking forward to doing outside of the club?

Nature Nature Nature!! I want to explore parts where there are no people.

What can we expect to hear in the club on your Australian tour?

80% own music and new music from my label and of course some Wiwek favorites that I just love to spin.

What can the world expect from the Jungle Terror enthusiast for the rest of the year? New releases?

I have A LOT of new releases coming up. Almost every month a new one. So expect lots of new tunes and remixes!

Check out the full Wiwek tour dates below!