JDG's Top 5 Producer Tips

Producer kids, listen up! Running hot through the Bounce Sessions tour, Melbourne Bounce prodigy JDG has been kind enough to share his top 5 producer tips for all aspiring Producers/DJs. The young-gun has been slaying 2015 with a US tour, working on Bounce Sessions 2 as well as the Bounce Sessions national tour, all off the back of the release of Mumbai, a collaboration with Samual James that has gone on to dominate charts and gain major support worldwide.

1. Studio gear

I think that before you go spending money on expensive studio gear, you need to learn the basics of your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation – for those playing at home) than work towards things like racks of hardware, analog equipment and things that really won't help your production or make your music sound any better if you don't 100% know how to use them. Learn how to use the gear you have first! For instance I still only use KRK Monitors and a $100 Midi keyboard and only now I am starting to get into new hardware after 7 years of producing.

2. Talking to other producers

I think you learn so much more talking to your producer mates and working together & seeing the way they approach their music production. I've had numerous sessions with guys like Samual James & Will Sparks, showing each other tips and secrets, it helps so much!

3. Breaks

Having a 20- 40 minute break in a long session is one of the most important rules I go by. It allows your ears to relax and help you when mixing or mastering to hear things properly without half dead ears!

4. Recording Sudden ideas

It may sound cringe but recording melodies by humming in your phone's recorder is such an awesome tool, even vocal hooks or drum patterns! There is nothing worse than forgetting an idea. I think it's a smart way of keeping a journal of what you want to make without having to be in a studio.

5. Layouts

I don't recommend copying another artist work, but simply laying out a track in the playlist and mimicking the production and the way they've approached a track is a big help, creating riffs and melodies over certain parts and making your own versions or remakes can be a big creativity booster and help inspire a new track or even a new sound!

Hope these tips help. Good Luck!