Jesabel's Top 6 Most Memorable Shows

Getting her start as the winner of a local DJ competition, Jesabel has propelled herself over the years to become one of the country's most in-demand and respected DJs, who is now setting her sights on the world. As an aspiring DJ, Jesabel one-upped her goal of achieving a regular DJ gig and went on to earn a residency at Australia's number #1 nightclub Pacha Sydney, as well as snapping up regular club shows around the country and overseas. Bringing an ecstatic combination of electronic music to the table, Jesabel is known for her banging DJ sets that can get any crowd going. The latest chapter in Jesabel's career is a big one, with her stepping up alongside fellow Sydney based DJ Glover to mix the Clubbers Guide To Spring 2015 Compilation.

As Jesabel prepares to embark on the Clubbers Guide To Spring 2015 Tour, Jesabel shares the stories of some of her favourite club shows on her journey from her humble beginnings at the local DJ competition to her first festival set at Future Music Festival earlier this year.

1. First gig - Macarthur Tavern

My first gig will always be a highlight for me. I played very early for half an hour, there wasn't many people there except for my friends and I didn't look up from the decks once. I remember it well because when I look back on it I can see how far I've come and it emphasises my love for what I do.

2. HQ - Adelaide

This was massive! What a crazy experience playing to the biggest room in Australia. Lighting, sound and crowd are absolutely wild at this venue and all the guys behind the events definitely know how to put on a good show. Played with two of my faves Destroy the Machines and it was definitely one for the books. Cannot wait to play there again for the Tour!

3. Singapore - Wave House, Sentosa

My first international gig, I played a beach party at Sentosa Wave House for the Two Queens White Party 2014. It was outdoors, very humid, hot and sweaty. I played a 3 hour set which felt like half an hour as the vibe was amazing and the 5000 person crowd was insane. Getting booked for an international gig a year after starting to DJ, without a booking agent was an opportunity I was only dreaming of at the time. Being able to spend time in a foreign country made it a life-time memory. Singapore is one of my favourite countries by far!

4. Future Music Festival

I feel very privileged to be able to say I played the last Future Music Festival EVER! The Soapbox Foamarama stage was awesome! I'd already had such a fun day at the festival but playing the late afternoon set really topped it!! Watching everyone get drenched with foam and bubbles was definitely the best bit!

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5. Malaysia - Rougeur, KL

In May I got to go to Malaysia for the first time to play Rougeur in Kuala Lumpur. I was only in KL for 48 hours but being in a bustling, developing country was definitely an eye opener. The people are so lovely and learning about their way of life was extremely interesting. I played with Heatbeat, an Argentinian trance duo and like any gig in another country, its very interesting to see how other crowds respond and interact with the DJ and lets just say that Malaysia definitely knows how to party!

6. First gig at Pacha, Ivy

This was an event for me that was on my goals list from the start. There is an aura about Pacha like no other. To me it is the pinnacle of club gigs in Australia. The first time I stepped foot on that stage I was nervous as anything, but having the lighting surround you, the sound system blaring and the crowd respond to every song and dance along with you is the most electric feeling. Favourite moment by far.

Jesabel is hitting the road with Glover for the Clubbers Guide to Spring 2015 tour! You can get Clubbers Guide To Spring on iTunes now.