J.Phlip's Top 5 Dirtybird Tracks

Currently vibing her way around Australia, Dirtybird's very own J.Phlip has been an integral party of the San Francisco based label. Known for her passion for crate digging, her music vocabulary is constantly appreciated, especially in her DJ sets. From attending their earlier parties, to eventually seeing her own tracks being released on the label, J.Phlip has been a long time associate of the Dirtybird crew. In her interview with us last week, J.Phlip opened up about the importance of the Dirtybird crew and how she linked up with Claude von Stroke.

Having recently celebrated the labels 10th birthday, J.Phlip has shared some of her very own personal Dirtybird favourites.

5. Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit

This is the ultimate dirtybird hit and this song will always be really special to me. I was standing next to Barclay's (Claude) mom in the crowd in Detroit during Movement the first time she had ever heard him DJ. It was right after the track really blew up and when he played it the energy in that tent was just insane and the look on her face was so proud and so happy, happy, happy. The video for Who's Afraid of Detroit was also being shot there that weekend by Barclay's sister. She followed us around with cameras. So many awesome memories with this song.

4. French Fries - Yo Vogue

That beat is just SO HEAVY in the club! French Fries smashed it on this track. The breakdown gets super ghetto, lean back…. then drops back into that heavy jump-up-and-down beat. Lazer beams, cowbells, 808's, Vogue Vogue Vogue.

3. The Martin Brothers - Stoopit

Stoopit is such an original track. Sure it has a few nod's to the hyphy music of the bay area but nobody had heard anything like it when it came out. I'm still like "what the hell is going on"' when I hear it. So many cool and unique sounds plus Justin's signature fart bass and Christian's magical melodic touch and drums that make you move, always.

2. Justin Martin & Ardalan - Function feat. PartyPatty

Function just came out this year but I see it going down as a classic dance track. You just have to dance to it when you hear it! The vocal is catchy without being obnoxious. There aren't any gimmicks here… just pure funk in-the-pocket groove with a fun drop.

1. Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (Original & DJ Assault Remix)

Whistler was the b-side to Who's Afraid of Detroit. It's one of the catchiest songs ever, I love it. I remember being really excited when Claude got DJ Assault on the remix too because I'm a huge fan of the Detroit and Chicago ghetto house sound. Both of these tunes will always remain all-time dirtybird fav's.