'Two Scoops of That Please' - Kilter Covers 'Ice Cream' by Muscles for Triple J's Like A Version

Triple J's 'Like A Version' segment has become somewhat of an institution, with weekly guests performing live versions of an original track and a cover on Friday mornings. With an ever growing amount of electronic artists stepping up to the plate, there was hype and high hopes ahead of Kilter's turn.

Kilter took to Muscles' 2008 smash hit 'Ice Cream' for a melodic cover with the help of Like a Version veteran, soul songstress Ngaiire. Bringing Kilter's signature synths and percussion-laden beats to the table, adding sexy guitar riffs and Ngaiire's impeccable vocals, the result was a tune as smooth as ice cream. The track was a fitting choice, having recently been named #51 in 'The 100 Greatest Australian Dance Tracks Of All Time' by inthemix, with the cover combining the catchiness and electro-funk flavour of the original with a more laidback vibe. Heavy, swinging synths contrasting with melodic guitar work, plus the catchy hook of the original and Kilter's tropical vibes – this cover did not disappoint.

The original track 'Want 2' was also well received; a reworked version performed with the help of smooth up-and-comer Deutsch Duke on vocal duties, shifting the original's up-beat summer vibes to a darker, more atmospheric feel. Kilter said he wanted to 'flip it' – and definitely succeeded in that. The end result included synths, steel drums, lasers, clicking and incredible vocals, a combination which although unexpected, seemed to resonate with the listeners. And if you felt like you recognised that voice – you might have heard it before! Deutsch Duke has previously lent his vocals to Triple J favourites 'White Dress' by Set Mo and 'Down to Earth' by Flight Facilities.

Check out both the cover and original below for a full display of Kilter's live performance energy, and the sweet skills of himself, Tim Lockwood, Deutsch Duke & Ngaiire! Oh, and those dreamy, blue eyes everyone keeps talking about..

Wanna check out the original version of 'Want 2' with cool-cats Porsches? Give the lyric video below a watch to ensure you've got some lyrical ammo the next time you find yourself serenading someone in the club, on the phone, or under a window. Love the tune as much as we do? Buy it here.
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