Kilter, Luke Million & Flamingo To Play At Marmalade Skies Boutique Festival

The newly established, camping festival Marmalade Skies is back and rescheduled to hit Goulburn on April 10th - 12th. The boutique festival is the result of a successful crowd-funder campaign that raised $5,000 on top of its initial goal of $15,000. Backed by supporters and the local council, Marmalade Skies will be kicking off with a bunch of our friends on the lineup. Acaddamy, Flamingo, Kilter, Luke Million and Godwolf will all be hitting the stage amongst some of the hottest rising talent that Australia has to offer. Add the incredible landscape of Goulburn, good vibes and a crowd that's up for a good time and you have one of the best boutique festivals that Australia has to offer.

And if that didn't convince you…then this will. "Picture yourself... by the river, tangerine trees towering over you, the whispers of melodies from cellophane flowers of red and green float past – you follow them, past the echoes of folk from the old barn, through the maze of markets and fresh produce, you intertwine with the musical power infiltrating your mind from a stage in the field, and as the diamonds fall from the sky, you retreat to the deep underground of the shearing shed to dance the night away. Welcome to Marmalade Skies. A three-day, BYO, camping, music and arts festival that brings the best of young Australian music, country house party vibes and the downright ridiculous to your ears and your minds."-Marmalade Skies

Acaddamy, Flamingo, Kilter, Luke Million and Godwolf spoke 'camping festival essentials' to Time Out Sydney ahead of their shows at Marmalade Skies.

Tickets for Marmalade Skies are on sale now.