Klaus Hill Slamming The Clubs!

If a DJ/Producer is measured by consistency then surely Klaus Hill is up there with the greatest. For over a decade Klaus has filled rooms with his trademark ball & wall tearing sound that has seen him become a firm favourite on the Australian and worldwide DJ circuit and a Producer whose sound is instantly recognisable.

Klaus Hill has honed a new sound that can only be described as fresh, wobbly and well, so Klaus it hurts! He is truly a Producer who knows how to break stale formulas and create a party like no other. His "Dirt Diver" EP on ground breaking label, Potty Mouth, turned even more heads in the dance community, defying as many genres as it embraced.

Klaus tours the world routinely where European and Asian audiences are thirsty for the big man to give their systems a workout. In Australia he regularly shakes the biggest rooms in the country to their foundations including institutions such as Home and Family.

With his latest production 'Slammer' wreaking havoc internationally in the clubs, now may be a goodtime to gasp at the length and breadth of the Klaus Hill back catalogue. Take a seat; you’ll be here for a while. Check out what he's up to on MySpace and Twitter if you get a chance, and in the meantime stream 'Slammer' right here - available for your downloading pleasure in ultra-high quality from Beatport.

Klaus Hill - Slammer
Klaus Hill - Can You