Krunk Mixes Up On The Download August

Like any responsible Adelaide teenager, KRUNK! celebrated his 18th Birthday at a nightclub.

Rather than spending his night making awkward sexual advances on the dance floor, Krunk! opted to headline his first interstate DJ set at Gold Coast hot spot, SinCity Nightclub. A wise choice for a young lad.

Despite his seemingly sensible attitude, Krunk! has earned a nationwide reputation for his ridiculously energetic club sets. By combining near lethal dosages of Electro, House and Dutch, cut with just the right amounts of Pop and R&B, Krunk! has perfected the formula to transform crowds to frenzies.

Since he became legal, Krunk! has traveled the country inciting dancefloors every stop of the way. His mile-a-minute sets are punctuated with his own show-stopping mash-ups, a few notorious bootlegs, and crowd-certified original productions. No two Krunk! shows are like - each set is tailored to the crowd, simultaneously multiplying dancefloors whilst maximizing hands in the air.

Early 2011 saw the release of Krunk!'s debut single - LOVE FOR THE DANCEFLOOR, and he's been busy ever since spreading his sound across the land. First with North Queensland up & comers FOZZEY & VAN C, and most recently scoring an OFFICIAL remix to HAVANA BROWN's platinum hit WE RUN THE NIGHT, with remixes for BAM BAM MUZIK, LOUD NOISES! and others due for imminent release.

Barely legal himself, Krunk keeps busy headlining every underage event the city of churches has to offer, and maintaining a main room residency every Saturday Night at Adelaide's biggest EDM nightclub, HQ COMPLEX. With his newfound home on the HQ Mainstage, Krunk has seen himself supporting Zoe Badwi, Justice Crew, Stafford Brothers and more.