Kyro & A-Tonez Share Their Top 10 (11) Favourite Tracks Right Now

2016 has well and truly kicked off with the release of Clubbers Guide To 2016, and there is no better artists to mix it than two of Sydney's biggest, Kyro and A-Tonez. While they may be fresh names on the international circuit, the guys have been proficient tastemakers in Australia's EDM scene for quite some time. Not only known for putting on some of the craziest sets the country has seen, the guys are also known for their DJ skill set and ability to genre-bend and mix any track at any time. Currently cooking it up around the country on the Clubbers Guide To 2015 tour, we asked Kyro and A-Tonez to share some of their favourite tracks.

(But first a word from our artists)

We had to be cheeky & slip an 11th song in here, cause what top 10 would be complete without a Slumberjack tune, right?Our sets week in week out contain a collection of songs for us and songs for you. We appreciate that 90% of the people at some of the venues we play at probably have no idea who we are (and that's fine)! We enjoy bleeding a bunch of commercial music old and new, in with all the under-ground weapons, bangers, tunes, lit, trap arms, dabbing (the list of meaningless EDM terminology goes on (you get the point)) to express who we are and make sure you have a great night! As someone once repeatedly told me - "make pussy & dick dance"

We'll be taking this opportunity to show you a bunch of stuff we love, that may not get that guest appearance in our sets as much as we wish they did..

Enough of this nonsense, enjoy -

Better Run - Reuben Keeney

No Fun Intended - The M Machine

Off The Chair - Pham ft. Mayo

Working For It (Wongo Edit) - ZHU x Skrillex x They

On & On - Dr. Fresch

Nitro - Cooda & Bishop

Prove It All Tonight - Jeffrey Alexander

Like An Animal (Dom Dolla Remix) - Rufus

Luv U Give - Tommy Trash

Me Minus You - Jerome Price

Enigma - Slumberjack ft. GRRL PAL

Clubbers Guide To 2016 - Mixed by Kyro & A-Tonez is out now on iTunes.