LEGO Toys Around With Our Favourite Robots

Driven by all you die-hard French robot fans, Daft Punk has quickly become one of the fastest growing ideas for a new LEGO range over at HQ. LEGO's Ideas site allows fans to propose new lines for LEGO and it's no doubt that Daft Punk are obviously #trending. But there's a deadline.

Daft Punk fans have less than 80 days to get to 10,000 supporters for the LEGO Ideas team to officially approve it for production. Other "LEGO bands" that have gained support include Coldplay and The Beatles, but none have had anywhere near as much interest as the electronic duo popular for their pop disco discography and mysterious robot helmets. Daft Punk's cosmic Sci-Fi/Fantasy aesthetic which they rock in music videos, live performances and film scores are a perfect fit with LEGO's creative team. Can't you imagine our two favourite robots being abducted by the Millennium Falcon or performing in front of the battle of Smallville? Well, give it a bit of time and this all too distant dream could become a reality in the very near future.

What are you waiting for? Get supporting at Lego Ideas and you could be setting up the LED Pyramid stage yourself.