Let's Show Em Cutlass Supreme!

Let’s talk about team ups. It’s the age-old concept of two powers joining forces to create something doubly awesome than the individual parts alone. We’ve seen it happen in the old Marvel Team-Up comic books with Spider-Man and Wolverine, and we’re about to see it again with Cutlass Supreme, the new super-duo formed by trans-Pacific club shaker Simon Lewicki and Australia’s scene stealing MC, Snob Scrilla.

Like any good team up, the pairing of Lewicki and Snob has been born out of a noble cause, namely the duo’s unwavering desire to crank out the biggest and boldest tunes that their powers combined can produce.

That’s not to say that the boys were having any problems doing just that before kick-starting Cutlass Supreme, far from it, actually. Lewicki has been toiling away in Hollywood as one half of the buzzing dance-meets-rock entity known as Jump Jump Dance Dance, who have already notched up a triumphant run on the 2010 Future Music Festival tour plus a coveted spot in the Hype Machine Top 10, not to mention turns in ARIA Award winning, US Billboard 1 Club Chart acts Groove Terminator, Chili Hi Fly and Tonite Only. Meanwhile, Snob Scrilla has been no stranger to hordes of adoring fans, the Sydney based rapper releasing his emphatic debut Day One in 2009, crossing over to the indie, dance and hip-hop crowds with his unmistakably charismatic rhymes and premier beats from producers like Bag Raiders.

Initially coming together to record a single track, Lewicki and Scrilla quickly flipped the switch on a much broader musical partnership. With Lewicki’s array of tweaked-out synthesizers and thundering beats plus Scrilla’s recklessly energetic flow, the rest of the EP appeared, according to Snob, “super fresh, super quick” with a sound that evokes the current emergence of dance and electro in the hip-hop scene. As Snob explains “you start to see the two seemingly separate subcultures borrowing more and more from one another until they look almost like one scene...we’re somewhere in the middle of that now”.

Having already thrown down some fire to beat-savvy bloggers with their super-charged dancefloor remix of hit Heads Will Roll, the next weapon in the heavily stocked Cutlass Supreme arsenal is the duo’s first official release, the Show‘Em EP, which dug so much they couldn’t not unleash it on the world.

With the EP’s lead cut This Generation already being shown airplay love by and blog hype beginning to swell as whispers of the group’s imminent arrival louden, Lewicki and Snob insist this is just the start of Cutlass Supreme’s rise to the top. With Simon revealing that the duo collaborate “anywhere we find ourselves with an hour or two to spare and an internet connection”, Snob promises a full length album of “ear candy for the kids to mash out to” in no time. Until then, we’ve just got to enjoy Cutlass Supreme’s first moments in the sun and know that even if this super-duo doesn’t save the world, they’ll at least be saving our Saturday nights from here on out.

Cutlass Supreme’s Show ‘Em EP is out TODAY! Stream their stuff first on their MySpace page, then download the full thing here: