Lost Valentinos digitally invade your life!

Lost Valentinos launch a world first interactive video project for Nightmoves

Sydney band Lost Valentinos today announce the world’s first truly interactive Augmented Reality music video project for new single Nightmoves, from their acclaimed debut album Cities Of Gold.

The project allows fans to record their own customised music videos by capturing band members performing the track anywhere they like. From lead singer Nik performing the song atop a user’s shoulders, to the whole band playing the song at the base of the Eiffel Tower - it’s a project limited only by the viewers’ imaginations.

How exactly does it work?
Augmented Reality is a technology which merges your world with computer generated imagery in real-time. Utilising your computer webcam, the software detects the 3-dimensional orientation of simple printed “markers” to map and superimpose active objects in real time. It’s a magic looking-glass which augments objects into your world to appear as though they’re really there.

So why is this project so unique?

Augmented Reality has never taken a collaboration between artists and their fans this far! Each of the 5 individual markers represents one member of the band performing the song Nightmoves in full. The user can set their own scene, line up their players, hit record to film their own music video and share it with their friends.
This is a level of total interactivity never before seen, and one which truly invites the fan into the band’s world, and vice-versa.

Launched today, the project was conceived by etcetc and developed over the past few months by web developers Crucial By Design and video production crew Pedestrian. “It’s an experience that’s definitely new to most of us, and represents the endless possibilities for creative interaction between artists and fans that new technologies allow”, says etcetc Managing Director, Andrew Jackson. Sit in the director’s chair and make your own music video by visiting lostvalentinos.com. Debut album Cities Of Gold out now.

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Developer: Crucial by Design
Production: Pedestrian.tv