Martin Garrix Talks to Future Music About Being Friends With Tiesto, What’s In Store for 2014

By 16, he’d already released ‘Torrent’ for Tiesto and ‘Error 404’ for Sander van Doom. When most people his age were studying, he was playing to thousands at Tomorrowland and remixing Christina Aguilera. The Amsterdam local was snapped up by the legendary Dutch dance label Spinnin’ Records’, which also features the likes of Avicii, Alesso and Nicky Romero. Dancing Astronaut named Garrix as one of the breakthrough artists of summer 2013.

And then of course, came ‘Animals’, which took the world by storm, becoming one of the biggest club tracks of 2013 and even debuting at #1 on the overall UK charts. Not bad for a guy who’s still in school. We caught up with Garrix to chat about his friendship with Tiesto, upcoming collaborations and how he got started in music.

FMF: Hey Martin, Where are you right now?
MG: Right now I’m in Amsterdam. I just went to a movie with some friends, I spent some hours in a studio earlier today and also did some relaxing. And tomorrow I’m flying to Italy for some shows.

FMF: What movie did you see?
MG: We went to The White House Down, it was a good movie.

FMF: It’s been a pretty big 12-18 months for you. How was the summer season that just finished?
MG: It’s been a pretty hectic kind of year! And it was really great, I’ve done a lot of shows and had a lot of time in the studio. It was hectic but a lot of fun.

FMF: Are you taking a break a break now? Or you kinda going straight into more shows?
MG: I’m actually not taking a break. Right now I have 3 days off but tomorrow I go to Italy for 2 shows, then I got to Hungary and then I don’t know where I’m going after that (laughs).

FMF: Probably the first track that put you on the map was ‘BFAM’ with Julian Jordan. How did that come about?
MG: Julian Jordan is a good friend of mine, we both got signed to Spinnin Records and we have done a show together and so we were like ‘lets do a track together’! When we were together it was like there was a specific kind of spark. So we created ‘BFAM’ and I'm really happy with the results.

FMF: Was that in 2012?
MG: Yeah, it was probably about 12 months ago.

FMF: Since then you have done a whole heap of stuff including a Christina Aguilera remix, which I read was actually meant to be a minor release but ended up on the album?
MG: Yeah, its her main remix on the album. I remixed it just to get it on the remix album, but they liked the track so much they placed it on the 'Lotus' album. So that was really, really great.

FMF: And then after that release you had your biggest hit so far, ‘Animals’, which pushed you to the top of the Beatport charts, making you the youngest person to ever top the chart. And then went on to break into the mainstream.
MG: I actually don’t know how the track got so big. I made the track as a club record and suddenly it got picked up by all the radio stations, and then ‘Animals’ started charting worldwide.

FMF: Are you pretty happy how its all played out so far?
MG: Yeh I’m really happy about it.

FMF: This new track ‘Wizard’ actually debuted at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) recently when Tiesto’s dropped it in his three hour set. How did that come about? Was it planned?
MG: I’m really good friends with Tiesto – we pretty much hung out all day at ADE, like 5 days in a row. I sent him my new stuff and just before his show he said “I’m going to play Wizard and I’m going to pull you on stage” (laughs). I was like “noooo, are you serious?” And he played it and I was at the side of the stage and he said “come on, come on”. And that became the teaser which is now on Youtube.

FMF: Now obviously you’re going to be playing at Future Music Festival in March. Are you looking forward to it?
MG: Im really looking forward to it. I really think Australia is a beautiful place. I saw some pictures and I have heard some really great stories about the crowd. Some friends of mine played Future Music Festival last year and they said it’s completely crazy, so im really, really looking forward to it.

FMF: Who are you most excited to see?
MG: I’m really looking forward to Hardwell’s set because I love his sets. And Phoenix, Deadmau5; I really like the whole lineup. I cant wait to watch all the other sets!

FMF: Looking into 2014, what is next for you? Any new tracks to release? Have you got any collaborations planned?
MG: I got a lot of new tracks coming out. I think I got 5 new tracks already finished. I have some big collaborations, I got a new track with Dimitiri Vegas & Like Mike coming out. I also have some other collaborations but I cant tell you which artists, but you can totally guess if you think about our conversation (laughs). I do have two new originals I’m working on, another new remix and we are also going to do some really great tours. Im doing my Asia Tour in December, my Australia Tour in March then in February we do my USA tour. So we have a really hectic schedule coming up!

FMF: Hopefully you get the chance to catch a few more movies in between the shows!
MG: (laughs) Yeh definitely, I hope so also.

FMF: Thanks for chatting, looking forward to seeing you at Future Music Festival!
MG: I’m really looking forward to it!

Via Future Music