Martin Garrix’s Rise To Fame

Undoubtedly the fastest rising star in EDM, Martin Garrix has accomplished more in a few short years than most producers have in a whole career. While Martin may only be 18 years old, he has dedicated most of his life to electronic music, which justifies his rise to superstardom. Garrix may be best known for his mega-hit Animals, however it is his string of consistently successful releases that has established himself as a major festival attraction.

Prior to Animals, Martijn Garritsen (Martin Garrix) made a strong impression with the official release of BFAM, a collaboration with fellow Dutch young-gun Julian Jordan. The combination of Garrix and Jordan is one that begun early in their lives from music school and has become a successful partnership which will see two new releases in 2015. 2012, also saw Garrix's remix of Christina Aguilera's Your Body releases on the deluxe version of her album Lotus.

With established ties with Spinnin' records, Garrix had the opportunity to produce tracks for other artists on the label, until his track Animals began to surface. Originally labelled as a collaboration between Hardwell and GTA, the track created a hype like no other. And with other artists like Sidney Samson and Bassjackers thrown in the mix, the song was looking to become one of the biggest tracks of the year without any official artist announcement. At the time, Animals was something that was unlike any other big room track and completely changed the EDM scene. Along with the sneaky marketing technique by Spinnin', the 17 year old Garrix had skyrocketed onto the Beatport charts and the top 10 charts in over 10 countries. Major music publishers and blogs loved the concept that he was only 17 years old, and it wasn't long before he signed with Justin Beiber's manager Scooter Braun.

The next step for Garrix was to maintain his status as EDM's wonder kid, and with the release of Wizard, Tremor, Gold Skies and Proxy, he produced a successful EP that confirmed his place on the festival main stage. The only way is up for Martin Garrix as he now holds residencies at super-clubs in Las Vegas and Ibiza. Despite the private jets and Las Vegas residencies, it doesn't seem like much has gone to Garrix's head. The humble kid from the Netherlands is aspiring to have a long and successful career in dance music.

Having recently collaborated and released tracks with Afrojack and Dillon Francis as well as the word of a yet to be released collaboration with Ed Sheeran, the future is certainly looking bright for Martin Garrix. Not only has he conquered the festivals and the charts, he has dominated social media with his recent accomplishment of reaching over ten million 'likes' on Facebook.. To celebrate this milestone, Garrix released a track titled Forbidden Voices for free to his fans. While Martin is reaching for the sky, he is certainly propelling himself amongst the stars.