Miami Winter Music Conference Gets Punked

For those who like to postulate on the future of our favourite genre ie talk crap for hours on end - here’s some fat to chew. A Miami-based blogger claims punk/indie music collided with dance music at the WMC in a not-insignificant way when WMC shared many of its featured artists with indie festival SXSW. In a trend that’s been gaining ground ever since the electroclash movement and the arrival of ‘dance-punk’ bands like The Rapture, punk-dance is proving to be a kind of happy, if dysfunctional, marriage.

The fact that WMC and SXSW are now crossing over more than ever (both Booka Shade and deadmau5 played the latter) makes it even more likely that the punk-dance sub-genre will soon morph into something indistinguishable from what we consider to be ‘pure dance’ (although purists will flame you for suggesting this). Being euphoric and really angry at the same time might take some practice, but the common denominator – serious partying – should be pretty easy to achieve.

For more useless intellectualising, news on the WMC, or just if you are a complete music nerd and have naught better to do, have a read of the blog. Also, if you have opinion on where dance music is headed, feel free to share it with us.