The Only F*cking Rave Party

You may have heard about The Only from one of your friends who went and saw one of their live sets as part of our recent Electro House Sessions 3 Tour and managed to escape to tell the tale.The fact of the matter is: with no DJ promotions, no radio service and no proper release, 'The Only F*cking Rave Party' hit the ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart after being included on a taste maker iTunes only compilation.

So without even being released, The Only F*cking Rave Party was
#1 on the Australian Independent Music Chart;
#4 on Australian Artist ARIA Singles Chart;
#11 on the Dance ARIA Dance Single (and #1 Aust Dance Artist Single);
#43 on the ARIA Singles Chart.

Well boys and girls, the time has come for the official release!

The Only F*cking Rave Party is a straight up club smash that does what is says on the packet - pure party rave music!! Complete with remixes from DIM MAK (home of The Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki) favourite Gigi Barocco, UK female star WoNK and Australian lads The Hump Day Project.

After just 12 months on the job in Australia, The Only have seemingly come out of nowhere to grab the Australia club and festival scene by the short and curlies. Their first single started a bidding war between various heavy weight Australia dance labels and saw a slew of recording, management & agents offers role in the door.

Not comfortable with doing it the way it's always been done and in fact, openly believing the world has more than enough DJs, The Only are doing things differently. Although never having gone to art school, The Only can best be described as an art school project that isn’t sure if it’s a band, a fictional comic book or a multimedia visual installation. There are slamming records; a story told in the form of a hand illustrated comic; and as live show that terms the notion of 'live' on its head.

When The Only took the stage alongside The Bloody Beetroots & Crookers in front of 7,000 screams rave music fans in November, the result was this: