Neon Stereo Shares Influences For His New Record 'Loaded'

Download new single from Neon Stereo 'Loaded' here

Fresh from delivering remixes for Ultra, Sweat it Out and MoS, Neon Stereo hits home this round; pulling out all the stops to throw down a wall shuddering, drum heavy club number with '80s influenced synths set to soar across any room.

How does one create such an awesome record?? We asked Neon Stereo to give us some insight into where the ideas came from, and he responded with a 15-track playlist of '80s anthems complete with comments - enjoy!

Click here to view Neon Stereo's playlist

Then listen to 'Loaded' again...we certainly hear this timeless record in a different light now.


1- Survivor - Eye of the Tiger: No 80's collection would be complete without this song. Countless movie montages come to mind.

2- RUN DMC - My Adidas: These guys were just so cool. They made ADIDAS a global movement in culture with this song.

3- HALL & OATES - Out of Touch: These guys were the David Guetta of their time.. such big hits and always annoyingly catchy.

4 - Joy Division- Love will Tear Us Apart: With a backdrop of tragedy, this is one of the most enduring songs of the 80's. Pop punk new wave. This song has it all.

5- Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence: If you love synthesizers and electronic music, you undoubtedly love Depeche Mode. This is one of my favourites from them and I still play it in my car.

6 - Cutting Crew - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight: This song is a bit sentimental to me...

7 - KLF - 3AM Eternal: The KLF were the baddest boys ever. They infiltrated the music industry as part of a social art experiment and made world wide hits and then disappeared. If you ever get a chance to read "The Manual" it will all make sense.

8 - Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin: The Pet Shop boys are responsible for some of the biggest hit songs ever. They have written for countless other artists and even though the main guy looks like Jeremy Clarkson, they are a serious force in the world of music.

9 - NWA - Straight Outta Compton: CUBE . DRE . EASY E. ... nothin more needs to be said..

10 - Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer: I remember watching the video clip to this as a kid and tripping out. It's seriously one of the most insane video clips ever made.

11 - Cameo - Word Up: I'd watch RAGE all night as a teenager and every artist would play this song. Looking back on it now, this had so much funk and was so hilarious at the same time.

12 - 808 State - Pacific: Blissful...epic.. such a haunting track, can't believe people made electronic music this well back then.

13 - Faith No More - Epic: The first piece of recorded music I owned. Always loved Faith No More... Mike Patton is the biggest legend ever.

14 - Aha - Take On Me: Such a fun song, even if you're not a Family Guy fan :)

15 - Aerosmith - Janie's Got a Gun: Aerosmith were so awesome in the 80's.. this song blew my mind as a kid.