New Bloody Beetroots Video!

The latest work of genius from The Bloody Beetroots comes in the form of a short film named Domino. Out today, Domino is an ethereal track with the a fresh twist on the familiar and much-loved attributes normally inherent in tracks produced by The Bloody Beetroots.

The mastermind behind The Bloody Beetroots, Bob Rifo, has written the following about Domino on their official website:

"The name “DOMINO” comes from a typical Venetian Carnival costume, a robe with a black hood and a white mask. I have chosen this title to introduce the first BBDC77 anarco-musical army.

DOMINO (like Xmas Vendetta) underscores the contents of ROMBORAMA. DOMINO is part of ROMBORAMA… DOMINO is a spare of ROMBORAMA.DOMINO is music,cinema & photography.

DOMINO is also a revision of history. DOMINO destroys Nazi iconography to turn into Anarchy… pure ANARCHY.
I live in this world and I firmly believe in the autonomy and freedom of the individual."

You can watch the short film below, and download the track from iTunes on the 9th of April.