Oliver $ & Jimi Jules Pushing Their Way Up the House Charts

In the same vein as Oliver $’s aclaimed 2011 Beatport hit ‘Doin’ Ya Thang’, ‘Pushing On’ opens with an infectious percussive medley composed of tropical triangles and melodious 808-like cowbells. Soon after, a moody, Frankie Knuckles inspired, bass line and tailing piano chords emerge, heralding the soulful beats of 1980’s Chicago House. The track also features dusky vocal samples from English Soulful Jazz revival band, The Quantic Soul Orchestra. If you weren’t grooving along to the track by now, you sure will be once the song’s central lyrical theme of ‘Pushing On’ falls, merging effortlessly with the backing’s wispy cymbals, only to then rise once more to drive the track to its spirited climax. A dub is also included in the release for those who’d rather jam along to the instrumental.

Oliver $ and Jimi Jules have quickly become household names in their home countries and with the release of dangerously catchy tracks like ‘Pushing On’, they look set to become a staple in the international House scene. Originally released by Defected Records and now picked up by Ministry of Sound, the track has hit #12 in the UK charts and made it to the A list on BBC Radio 1.

Download the ‘Pushing On’ remix pack on iTunes here.