Paces Shares His Top 5 'Vacation' Destinations

2016 has been a huge so far for our favourite tropical beat producer Paces, who has just released his debut album 'Vacation'. Filled with inspiring and crisp tropical beat production, it is seriously hard not packing the bags and hitting up your favourite tropical holiday destination. So we thought we'd ask the main man Paces (who knows a thing or two about travelling) to share some of his favourite 'Vacation' destinations.

'Vacation', the debut album from Paces is out now on iTunes.


It's hard to beat a place that is a tropical paradise with fun surf and amazing food. My favourite vacation spot for sure.

Islands off Southeast QLD

There are a few islands (Fraser, Stradbroke etc) within driving distance of my place that are incredible camping destinations. I get over there a few times per year. You need a 4WD because it's all beach driving and camping in the dunes. It's so nice to switch off from the world in a place like that, plus the beaches are beautiful and there's plenty of waves.


I've somehow ended up playing a lot of shows in Townsville in recent times and as a result I have some really great friends from up there. It's always nice to spend some time in north QLD - it's sunny and warm and filled with great people.

Port Macquarie

When i was fresh out of high school I took two weeks and drove down the east coast of Australia with a friend just stopping at every beach town. If the waves were good we set up camp. If not, we kept driving. Port Macquarie was the best spot, it's magic down there.


So far all of these vacation spots have been beaches so I'd better throw this one in to balance it a bit. I lived in Melbourne for a couple years and I do miss it still. There's ALWAYS something fun to do down there. Whenever i pass through for gigs I try to catch up with friends and do some fun Melbourne stuff.

Grab the debut album from Paces on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.