A Parlay With The Potbelleez

And here it is:

What has been the most gratifying thing about your success so far (besides the international fame, fortune, chicks, guys, money etc)?

The most gratifying would have to be playing our own music week in and week out to a huge amount of people and hearing everyone singing it back to us. Being with my bandmates and performing to the best of our ability and having the opportunity to get better and write more everyday, also. There is nothing as gratifying as doing what you love for a living.

You played for the Idol final - do any of you follow Idol? If so, who do you think should have won? Qualify your answer.

Wes won, we love him, he is a local Bondi boy and we were rooting for him also as he is one of Ilan's mates, plus works with a lot of the same musicians we do... GO WES!!!!

Was there an initiation process for either Ilan and Blu when they joined the gang - like any hazing, drum circles or ceremonial rituals?

Yes. There was slapping, tickling and debauchery of all kinds ... Namely "The No Face Game"..... [MoS doesn't know what the No Face Game is and feels comfortable not knowing.]

Please share with us an interesting anecdote from the Scooter tour.

Scooter and his band mates have the maddest way of warming up before they go on. They sit in a tiny room with 7 X massive speakers blaring bangin' fast happy hardcore tunes while they cake make up on themselves... Was one of the craziest scenes ever!!!

There seems to be two faces to the PBs - the Idol/Rove Live side and a deeper, darker more twisted Pacha side. Hypothetically, if another face were to emerge, what would it be?

A buttface. Then a more chilled D'Angelo 'esque side...

Who in the group is letting the fame and fortune go to their head the most?

Nobody in the band has the balls to get a big head. It could be taken from us anyday so there is no room for ego.

Write for us the Potbelleez 'six-word memoir' – a summation of the PBs collective existence thus far in six words.

No Face Vodka, Phat Duuuuurty Beetz.

The Potbelleez album The Potbelleez is out now and you can buy it from any record store worth its salt.