Pocket 808 album 'Proximo' about to drop!

Pocket 808 is the brainchild of producers Sameer Sengupta and Ken Cloud, formerly known as Poxymusic. Proximo, the highly anticipated album from Pocket 808 is due to hit stores on August 27th, so in order to prepare you ears, minds and hearts for what will surely be a life altering experience, we thought it best to give those of you who haven't heard of Pocket 808 a quick introduction to the boys...

You know the story of Superman, right? Alien child is sent to earth and when exposed to our galaxy’s sun is imbued with super-human powers. That old classic.

Well, thinking about it, that fable is similar to Pocket 808. Sure, that’s a lofty comparison but hear us out. Like ‘Supes himself, Pocket 808 have emerged from their tireless studio sessions, crash-landing on the Australian music landscape with their otherworldly debut album, Proximo. Indeed, there’s something unique about Pocket 808’s LP; with its fiercely individual ethos Proximo stands apart from the scene, touching, but never resting on a slew of genres. With its hybrid of steel-plated beats and interstellar synths, the album isn’t a club record, or hipster electro or even straight up synth pop, it’s different to everything else. It’s super. It’s Proximo.

They have arrived and they will have you hooked faster than a speeding bullet. See, that wasn’t such a stretch, now was it?

Look out for Proximo, out August 27th at JB-HiFi and on iTunes