Post-Party Links To Soothe You

Even if you did nothing all weekend except lie about the house in a state of semi-undress watching HBO, you could still hurt yourself by attempting to start being productive too quickly. Here are some MoS-centric links to keep you in a long-weekend state of mind.

Listen to music. We have quite a lot of albums available to listen to on the site, many of them you can also purchase online. deadmau5, Fedde le Grand's Output and Bob Sinclar's Born In 69 are three of our latest releases. There's also On The Download for October, which is only available online.

Plan your next big night out. It's never too early to mentally prepare yourself for a party and MoS's Clubbers Guide To Spring 2009 is still on tour around the country, so check out the remaining dates.

Look at party pics. Our galleries let you relive past clubbing moments using very little brain power. Register and comment for maximum satisfaction.

Request a track. Novas all over the country accept requests for tracks, so exercise your democratic right to hear your favourite MoS artists. Nova 96.9

Watch videos. MoS has an entire section devoted to music videos, so pop a vitamin B complex and tune in/out.

Buy A MoS Tee You probably never think of heading to the shop when you visit MoS, but we've got some nice lil tees over there that would do you well this coming summer. There are some new rave smiley designs and, of course, the classic MoS logo tee as well.

Keep partying! It only starts hurting once you stop, so keep the vibe alive with some Bloody Beetroots Romborama. WOOP!