Q&A: Kronic

Amongst a swarm of Aussie DJs making their footprint overseas, Kronic stands out amongst the crowd on top of a reckless 2014 and at the cliff face of a monster 2015. With new releases, US tours, huge collaborations with artists like Lil' Jon, Tyga and Chuckie, as well as remixing mega-stars Lady Gaga and Far East Movement - there's nothing holding this Gold Coast party prodigy down as he tackles Disc 2 of The Annual 2015. With a slick selection of bangers coherent with his live sets, Kronic might just be living by the ‘no rest for the wicked’ mantra as he hops from country to country rampaging through the masses along the way.

We bounced on board The Annual 2015 tour with ultimate party animal, Kronic to chat about the compilation, touring, travelling and Louis CK.

Hey Kronic! You’ve had a crazy 12 months which saw you producing a track for Lil' Jon. How that came about?

I’ve been a fan of Jon since I started DJing. A mutual friend introduced us earlier and the year and we started working on Bend Ova over email in between touring. We met up in Miami during WMC to finish the track, and he surprised me with a verse from Tyga. Jon and I have worked on some other things, hopefully you’ll get to hear them soon.

Can't wait to hear them. You recently got back from the USA, what did you get up to over there?

You know the stuff they tell you not to do when you’re growing up? I DID THEM! Seriously though, I spent most of my time criss-crossing the country on tour. In between shows, I was locked in the studio collaborating with as many artists, writers and producers I could.

What is your favourite club show you have ever player?

Damn, how do you choose just one? But since I’ve gotta choose, I’m going to say when Krunk! and I played a back to back set a HQ in Adelaide this year for the Wild Nights Tour. We’re both from Adelaide, so there were loads of friends and familiar faces. We went track for track, testing out our records that we’d been working on together. We’ve had a stack of great shows together, but there’s nothing like that home town crowd!

What’s the craziest DJ experience you have ever had?

If I had to pick just one it'd be the time Ember and I we’re playing Future Music Festival. The energy was crazy and my inner rockstar took over and just kept stage-diving, causing severe bruising to my ribs. The next four weeks were spent in so much fucking pain, but I’d do it all over again.

How'd you feel when you were asked to mix The Annual 2015?

If I remember correctly, my exact response was “fuck yeah!” I got my start as a mixtape DJ many years ago and it’s a honour to be able to mix the biggest mixtape in the country. I feel like it’s what I’ve been working toward all these years.

What was the track selection process like?

it’s like being a kid in a candy shop, kinda! It’s hard to choose just twenty tracks for the disc, but in the process of doing the mix, I’ll figure out what’s going work.

Did you think you captured the best songs for your mix?

Yeah! I mean, there’s a few tracks that weren’t released in time to be included for the disc, but I’m super stoked with what I was able get on there. Ember got some good records but I feel like I got the upper hand. [laughs]

Currently a top Pacha resident , what is it like to play at one of Australia’s biggest club nights?

In a word, unreal. The level of production at Pacha is on unparelled in Australia and the crowd is absolutely wild. Every time I play there I get to test out the new tracks I’m working on. I can’t imagine a better environment to do that in.

In celebration of The Annual 2015, you're about to embark on a massive national tour with Ember. What mischief do you think you guys will get up to?

I’ve told Mitch (Ember) to call his love ones because he will return a changed person from this experience. I hope he crashes my set and it turns into an impromptu back to back thing, preferably with a bunch of ravers partying in the booth with us spraying champagne everywhere while some one makes it rain with dollar bills. Yeah.

Favourite track on the Annual 2015?

My track with Krunk! 3 Percent. This isn’t a cheap self-promotion thing - I worked so hard on that track and I'm incredibly proud of the result.

Is there a favourite Ministry of Sound compilation that you still treasure years and years later?

Yes - The Annual 2010actually! That came out 5 years ago, when I was just getting my feet wet with dance music. I remember hearing I Like That and Out My Bitch and absolutely losing the plot.

Anything ridiculous you wish you had on your tour rider?

I want a big red button that makes Louis CK appear when pressed. Zach Galifinakis has one so I know they exist!

Is there anything you absolutely cannot go on tour without?

I have these awesome Bose noise-cancelling headphones that block noise out like nothing else. I don’t use them to DJ or produce, but it blocks out any crying babies trying to interrupt my in-flight sleep time. The secret to touring is to sleep whenever and wherever you can!

Catch Kronic and Ember touring Australia and New Zealand as part of The Annual 2015 tour. The 18 date tour rides into the new year and includes some of Australia biggest parties and venues, such as Pacha Sydney, The Met Brisbane and Villa Nightclub Perth. The Annual 2015 is available on iTunes & Google Play.