Q&A: Toneshifterz

Thanks for chatting to us. We’re seriously excited about the release of 'This Is… Hardstyle' this Friday! For those of our audience who are new to the genre, can you sum up what Hardstyle is and where it fits into the Australian dance music scene?
Well I mean hardstyle is all about energy and Euphoria melodies. You know hardstyle is quite driving, yeh there are very beautiful elements to it, you know you have your Raw hardstyle, and you have your melodic hardstyle, its like many genres into one massive combination. But yet still its own thing. It has a distinct and particular sound and you know a hardstyle track from a mile away. In Australia I believe melodic hardstyle is best fit, but if you look at everything that’s coming out on the radio etc, you can see that its really hardstyle influenced with the 4 to the floor structure and big kick drums!

What can listeners expect to hear on the compilation?
They can expect some great classics and some great new hardstyle coming out very soon!

Apart from yourself, who’s dominating Hardstyle soundwaves at the moment?
Well in the Australian Scene we have Code Black and Audiofreq who are Australian friends of mine living in Holland still, and are doing really well for them selves over there, but also a fast rising Australian outbreak which is doing great over there now! But in general I would say atm that Brennan Heart and Noisecontrollers are the main dominating names in Holland!

What are the leading Hardstyle nights across Australia?
I mean we have massif Saturdays here in Sydney which I can say is probably the biggest club night we have in Australia for hardstyle! we also have 'Project Hardstyle' a new event which started up in Adelaide but we also have 'Evolution' and 'Bamboo' in Brisbane. In Melbourne actually there hasn’t been much in the last few years, but in the last year things have been growing quite fast again with a few club nights starting up over there, one at Sorry Grandma which is predominantly a trance night, but finish off with hardstyle!! I mean there are lots of hardstyle events popping up, we even have Q Dance doing some club events as artist tours around the country. I think hardstyle is slowly taking over!

What Hardstyle track are you diggin most this week?
Audiofreq & Headhunterz – 'Breakout' yeh for me its something new and fresh! Its been in my head all week!

And for our aspiring producers and DJs, do you have any tips on following your dreams?
Well you have to keep at it, and if you believe in your self and you have the talent to go far, you will. It's all about getting out there making yourself known and persisting to strive to do the best that you can always do. Peace out!


'This is...Hardstyle' is will be available on iTunes February 28. More info here. hardstyle