A Quick Chat With Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix recently worked with Jay Hardway on a collaboration called ‘Wizard’ which peaked at number 1 on the Beatport charts. This isn’t the first time Martin had experienced this type of chart success – in fact his original track ‘Animals’ charted at number 1.

The follow up hit ‘Wizard’ with Jay Hardway, was indeed a test of Martin Garrix’s true talent – as a very young producer. I recently spoke with the musical wizard, to get an insight into his world of flawless accomplishments. Digging a little deeper, I wanted to find out how he was feeling from the recent Beatport news, and what it was like working with the Holland born drummer/producer, Jay Hardway.

I loved working with Jay, funny enough I’ve know him for over 4 years! His one of the most talented producers and nicest person’s I know in the industry. Before ‘Wizards’ we did around 20 others tracks that never got released. I’ve heard some of his solo stuff and really think his going to rock the world. I’m also doing my newest tour together with him – so you’re definitely going to hear that name more often.

Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway - Wizard

‘Wizard’ recently hit the Beatport chart at number 1. How did you react to this and what does this mean for you?

”I went crazy! I said in an interview in 2012, that my goal for 2013 was to enter the Beatport top 10. I had 3 Beatport number 1’s last year. One with ‘Animals’ one with my remix with Project T and one with ‘Wizard’ with Jay Harway. I went completely crazy – never expect it! For 4-5 years. I’ve always looked at what’s been happening in the dance and house industry, so to see your name at number 1 on Beatport dot com was kind of unreal.”

It seems you have nested in with the big league music makers and DJ’s. What has the support been like for you?

”It’s been great – especially from Tiesto and Harwell are the guys that I look up to so much and every time I finish a new track, I can send it to them on Skype and maybe they give you feedback, like change this or that. Maybe they’re going to play it live in their sets or radio shows. It’s really cool to see the really, really big names in the industry support the up and coming names. It’s also really nice.”

Looking back over your younger days, who did you look up to before you starting making music?

”Tiesto. He was the one that got me into electronic dance music. In 2012 when he was playing at the Olympics, he played trance and that was the first time I actually got in touch with electronic music. So at that point I started to save up some money, a couple years later I bought my own DJ set and a program on my computer to make music. I was just messing around. The last two years I just become more serious.”

With a recent string of number one hits and industry heavy weight support. Your tour schedule, without looking at it – must be incredibly manic. What would you prefer? Touring or working on new production in the studio?

”For me working in the studio is so important, because when you produce more music and release it – you can really please a much bigger crowd. Of course the shows are also important to me. The last couple of months we have really been looking for a great balance, between shows and studio. Right now we have really found the right balance (laughs) Crazy and chaos right now but I produce enough tracks and shows, so it’s cool!”

Who are your main inspirations right now? Would it be someone within the industry or outside?

”Tiesto is one! Because even while is famous and so big, his still a very humble person. What also inspires me for my music, is from different genres – deep house, to hip hop sets. What also inspires me is movies. Like Tomorrow land after movie and defiantly the ultra movie. When I don’t get any inspirations in the studio, I just watch those movies, I’ve got shit loads of inspirations.”

What are your plans with touring; do you plan to develop a live show in the near future?

”Yeah – we’re already working on plans for a tour at the end of 2014. We’re looking at working with my own production and stage setups. Right now we have our own visuals and pyro’s – so yeah I would love to work with live singers and instruments.”

You mention you would like to incorporate live vocalists into your shows. Is that something you would also like bring into the studio?

”You know I’m working with a vocalist right now. I’m also producing for other artist – pop music that I don’t release under Martin Garrix. It’s differently something people can expect in the future. Not right now because most of the time they’re club records but I am defiantly going to do some vocal tracks. Like Zedd did with ‘Clarity’.”

Thank you for staying up late, we appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you on tour here, for Future Music and Good Life.

”No, thank you! See you at Future Music! Take care man.”

Martin Garrix will be on tour for Future Music and Good Life in March. The young talented, heavy hitting, house producer will be sure to inspire you. For the limited time that we had allocated to speak, not to mention how incredibly late and distant the phone call was – I sensed a great deal of humbleness and feel the level of success he has achieved is well deserved. We’re exciting to see the continued progress that he consistently pushes for. Especially considering he was the youngest ever to reach a number 1 spot on the Beatport charts, at 17 years old…

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