Quintessential Gift List


1) Music. Everyone wants, nay, needs music. Could you imagine life - specifically NYE and the NYE-adjacent holidays - without it?? No, you couldn't. Grab the Annual on USB OR the box set (you knew that gratuitous plug was coming, din' you?) for maximum portability or headphone-ability (the box set comes with SkullCandy 'phones - handy, since the little 'l' and 'r' have probably scratched off your iPod 'phones and you need new ones anyway).

2) For everyone in the suburbs to turn off their effing glowing Santas and flashing lights. Seriously, even in the quietest, deadest street of suburbia, it's like living in Vegas or next to the Coke sign. That electrical fizzing you hear is the sound of the polar icecaps melting.

3) A fun NYE/NYD. If you've not yet got tickets to anything - what are you actually doing? Even if you don't celebrate xmas or your NYE isn't a Gregorian calendar one, you've got a few days off work as have your friends and you don't want to be skulking around at home refreshing Facebook every two minutes because NO ONE IS ON FACEBOOK, THEY'RE ALL OUT PARTYING. Can we recommend for Sydney-siders: Boxing Day at the Greenwood - MoS is hosting a Classic Anthems day there and it WILL be epic. Then NYD at the Mean Fiddler in Rouse Hill. All the info is in the Events section or on the MoS main page.


1) A hangover. Please remember to party safely and stay hydrated and look after your mates. We know those ads on the tv at the moment (the ones about underage drinking or whatev) are more likely to make you want to over-indulge as, let's be honest, who hasn't BUT the holiday period spans a week, PACE YOURSELVES! Also, you don't want to run out of money too quickly.

2) A fine. For speeding, or drink/drug driving or wrapping self around a pole. Cab fare is way cheaper than a fine and you don' have to park anywhere. It may be easier trying to flag down Christ on a flaming chariot himself than a cab on NYE, but hey, miracles do happen.

3) A fight. Seriously - what's with all the violence? Whatever happened to just plain defaming someone verbally or writing their phone number on public toilet walls? Please MoS ambassadors, spread love (not STDs, please) and keep the fists in fisting jokes and the knives in the second drawer or that sharpener thing on the counter next to the stove.

Have a safe and happy holidays – we want you around at our parties/buying our CDs/USBs/ iTunes next year