SCNDL Share Their Top 5 Tips For Productivity And Creativity In The Studio

2016 has already been a huge year for the Melbourne production duo SCNDL, who after achieving one of the highest selling Electro House singles on Beatport last year, have released arguably their biggest single of their careers this month in the form of 'Meant To Be'. Now Adam and Tom have lent a helping hand to any aspiring producers by offering a few helpful tips to maximise productivity and creativity in the studio.

Their single 'Meant To Be' is out now on iTunes

1. Start Fresh

Always start from a fresh project, try not to set yourself up with too much a template to start your original music from, it can tend to lead you to think less outside the box than if you go into every new piece of music with a fresh start!

2. EQ

Run at least 2 EQ's on every channel, it may seem like a trivial thing, but having two eq's boosted and cut at the correct spots can change the vibrance and energy of a sound dramatically!

3. Turn Down Before You Turn Up

Try and write your music as soft as you can - from the get go start with your channels -20 to -10db. This helps DRAMATICALLY when mixing down at the end, as this generally forces you to mix as you go. Also, loudness sometimes can make you think a song has more energy than it does, if your mix sounds great soft you know it's going to be awesome loud!

4. Instrument Chains

Save instrument chains - if you've spent an hour working on a sound, and you're happy with it, save the channel and then next time you can just replace the plug in and you generally have a good starting point with a processed sound!

5. Write Write WRITE

Start as many projects as you can. Everyone gets stuck time to time and having other projects to jump between can really help eliminate dead space in your production sessions!

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