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Remember Schoolies? The time of your life when you finished school and literally had nothing to worry about in the world, besides how you were going to celebrate it. With Schoolies once again just around the corner, we spoke to a few of our favourite artists who are all performing at Schoolies Nation festival in Surfers Paradise to chat about their experience at Schoolies and what they will be up to this year. We caught up with the SCNDL duo Adam and Tom to chat about their Schoolies experiences.

Did you go to Schoolies? What were you favourite memories from your schoolies trip? Or tell us one of your favourite u18 memories.

Adam was actually djing on his schoolies and I (Tom) went to Thailand for mine so I guess we didn't have the standard schoolies experience, but we both remember nothing better than celebrating with our best friends for so many years in a place where the atmosphere was vibrant and we didn't have a worry!

Do you have any crazy party stories to share with us?

Haha we've been overseas on 4 tours this year, the stories we have would turn this into an essay!

What is your #1 tip for safe partying?

Look after your mates! We always say this because if you're responsible for your mates or at least one of your mates you're not going to write yourself off because you have to make sure they're okay and vice versa!

What's your favourite venue to party at in Surfers Paradise?

We actually haven't played any of the major venues in surfers yet! We're headed up to shooters soon so we're super excited about that though!

Tell us one fact about yourself that your fans probably don't know.

Hmm we've done quite a few interviews I doubt there'd be many things they don't know! Haha

Where will we find you? Wet N' Wild, Movie World, Dreamworld or White Water World?

Definitely wet n wild! What a place!

How has your view of 'life after school' changed, since you finished school?

It's completely done a 180! The things we thought we'd be doing were not, and we never thought we'd be doing this! Our advice would be not to worry too much if you don't know what you want to do right now because your life could change in ways you don't even know yet!

If you were to go back to schoolies today, what is the ONE thing you would do?


And if you were to go back to 17/18 year old you at schoolies, what is the one thing you wouldn't do?

Go home as soon as we did, they were the best times!

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