5 Artists To Watch In 2016 According to SCNDL

Melbourne duo SCNDL have been destroying dance floors for a couple of years now, establishing themselves as not only DJs, but producers to be reckoned with. With an extensive body of work including hugely successful originals, remixes and collabs, we caught up with the boys ahead of the release of their new single 'Meant To Be', to find out who we should be watching in 2016 in the realm of production.

'Meant to Be' is out now!


This dude is making some really interesting, different stuff, and he's so young! 2016 will definitely be huge for him.


The Pandafunk guys are all making really good music, and we love Dirty's stuff, we're excited to see what the next year has in store for him!


One of our favourite acts, always consistent, we really love all the new stuff he's making!


An amazingly talented guy from Melbourne, he's bubbling hugely down under and can't wait for 2016!

Jay Hardway

He's really wrapping up 2015 in huge form and he keeps going, 2016 should be huge for him!

Listen to SCNDL's latest track 'Meant To Be'.