Set Mo Talk 'Chasing Forever', Festivals And House Music

Sydney House aficionados Set Mo have taken on their biggest year yet with two massive summer house singles taking them across the country on multiple tours including a set at Splendour In The Grass earlier in the year. Following up their huge single 'White Dress', the guys have now teamed up with young vocalist Alphamama for their latest release 'Chasing Forever'. We caught up with them at MoSHQ to chat about what goes into their writing and production, playing festivals and what's next.

Tell us a bit about your year so far? You've had two massive releases followed by two national tours, as well as being nominated for MTV Brand New, how is it all going down?

It's been such a great year for us! We feel very lucky to have been able to play so many great shows around the country and met some awesome people along the way. We've been busy writing new music but with the increased travel we've had to start blocking out dedicated time to be in the studio as we fins we work best when we have blocks of time set aside.

We had a few on ground punters at your Splendour In The Grass show earlier in the year, how was it? How does the festival set compare to playing club shows?

Splendour In The Grass was absolutely amazing! We we're on such a high after playing to a crowd that size – which was easily the most people we've ever played to. In terms of our actual set it doesn't very that much musically apart from that we we're mixing quicker as we only had half hour sets so wanted to try and get as many tunes as possible.

"Classic House Set" Live At Splendour In The Grass 2015 by Set Mo on Mixcloud

You've just released 'Chasing Forever' with local vocalist ALPHAMAMA, what was the process like working with her?

When we came across ALPHAMAMA we instantly had a very good feeling about it. We had a really clear vision of the type of voice we wanted on the track. We wanted to make a house tune that was a nod to some of the classic house tunes we grew up on. Back then all the female vocals we're so strong and emotive. When we got in the studio with ALPHAMAMA to record we knew she was what we'd been looking for. She absolutely nailed it. Not only does she sound great, she's a very experienced singer so was able to do anything we'd ask of her – there was one point in the session after a take we just got up and started hugging her.

When writing your tracks, is there anything you set out to achieve? A certain vibe or feel?

We definitely try and set out with a clear direction. All the strongest things we've written started out with a key source of inspiration whether it's a tune we're loving or feeling we're trying to create it makes the creative process quicker which is very important when starting something new as we work best when we get ideas out quickly and then refine later.

Chasing Forever is out now on iTunes.

We spoke to you guys just after the release of 'White Dress', where you told us that the idea for the track was spurred from a European trip to ADE. What's the story with 'Chasing Forever'?

Similar to White Dress, Chasing Forever was the result of one of our block session "writing camps". It was our favourite backing out of a whole bunch we'd written and so was the obvious choice for the next single. As we mentioned we really wanted the lyrics to be in a similar vein to the classic house tracks that have shaped us so much and with ALPHAMAMA delivering them we think we achieved what we set out to do.

As diverse as house music can be, it can be difficult to separate yourselves from the rest of the pack. How are you guys trying to constantly differentiate yourselves?

I think a lot of it comes down to your personal creative process. We're definitely reaching a point where our process has become relatively streamlined and I think this plays a big part in determining your "sound" so to speak. To be honest it's not a conscious thing, we're just doing what feels right and brings the vibes in the studio and hopefully to anyone we're lucky enough to have listen to our music!

What's next for Set Mo? Any plans to release new material or an EP anytime soon?

There's definitely going to be more original music early 2016 so keep your ears peeled for that, once we're done with the Chasing Forever tour we're locking ourselves away to bang out as much new material as possible so you can expect more than one release next year that's for sure!

Set Mo are hitting the road on their Chasing Forever tour now! Full dates here: