Sidney Samson - The Man, The Legend

In the last 12 months, Dutch all-star DJ/Producer Sidney Samson has done pretty well for himself. His chart-topping hit, Riverside, has earned him fame, fortune, and probably free drink vouchers at clubs world-wide. He just finished up a massive tour through our fine continent, encountering fans that showed their fanatical love in untraditional ways... and it didn't stop there.

He came at us at the beginning of this year with his smash hit Shut Up And Let It Go (not to be confused with this catchy little pop tune). which showcased the talents of the always-eclectic and in yo' face Lady Bee, who also hails from the Netherlands and is known for her energetic, powerful voice and spontaneous appearances during DJ sets in any kind of dance-scene.

Now, this dynamic Dutch duo is back with their latest track, Let's Go, and believe us when we say it's going to be huge. Let's Go is just one of the many fantastic tracks on our latest album, Electro House Sessions 3, which is out on iTunes now, so after you watch the video, make sure you go download it here. For more knowledge about these two, Check out Sidney Samson's website here and Lady Bee's site here.