Slow Roast Records Celebrate 5th Birthday with Huge DJ Craze Mix

In 2010, taste makers DJ Craze and Kill the Noise came together to create a passion project to showcase amazing music across a variety of genres; Slow Roast Records. 5 years on, they are celebrating the innovation and forward thinking music the label has produced, which has become respected and renowned in the industry.To celebrate 5 years of success, industry legend DJ Craze has created a new mix featuring label favourites and exclusive tracks released by Slow Roast.

Craze is best known as 3 time DMC World Champion (!), Time Magazines 'Best American DJ' and label owner. He has toured the world consistently stunning audiences and DJs alike with his unique and mind-bending blends of rap, dubstep and Miami Bass. Known as one of the best turntablist DJ's in the world, Craze recently showcased his insane skills on the decks with his mix 'New Slaves Routine'.

A birthday is a perfect excuse for this Slow Roaster supreme; DJ Craze has whipped up an hour long masterpiece that proves how much skill he really does have. The mix supports Roasters Brillz, Ape Drums and Durkin to showcase a huge celebration of half a decade. Australia has a lot to look forward to when Craze and Ape Drums pay us a visit in the flesh – keep an eye out for their one man party pig mascot Ludwig Von Pig aka Louie!

Do yourself a favour and check the tour dates below while you listen to the Slow Roast Records mix. You won't be disappointed!