Is this the song of your summer?

Out Of My Hands is a HUGE contender to be our song of the upcoming summer.

Featuring a compelling euphoric vocal hook, dynamic melodies and an energetic drop, this track has Summer written all over it. Can't you just imagine yourself at a rooftop party dancing the night away to this tune?

3 of Australia’s biggest artists have finally joined forces and unleashed an almighty roar with this newest smash hit, which makes us want to drop to our knees Wayne's World style and yell "WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!"

On remixing duties, we have cutting-edge Melbournites SCNDL rinsing out a gritty electro banger that’ll make your dance floor twerk harder than Miley Cyrus on a long weekend. Once this track drops, the mayhem that ensues will be out of your hands…

Check out the awesome SCNDL remix below