Staff Picks: 10 DJ Adverts That Have Gone Horribly Right

When we were growing up watching hours and hours of Video Hits and MTV, it became the norm to see big time actors and pop stars feature in corny TV ads. Fast-forward a few years when EDM is dominating the charts and all of a sudden the worlds biggest DJs are featuring in an array of ads promoting the likes of hair gel, jet skis and even underwear. Sit back and watch a bunch of DJs embarrass themselves as they hit the small screen.

10. Avicii – Ralph Lauren

A wise man once said "If I really like a track, I know that my fans are going to like it aswell".

9. Diplo – Blackberry

Diplo playing it cool as per usual in this one.

8. Tiesto – Acer Aspire

Private helicopters, personal assistants, pool parties, this ad really makes Tiesto look like a God. The ad features Tiesto's personal assistant who dreams on becoming a superstar DJ. When the unthinkable happens, Tiesto urgently calls his assistant to "Drop the beat".

7. LMFAO - Budweiser NBA Commercial

Before Redfoo did the Juicy Wiggle, he got payed a ton of money to sing something stupid on tv….and that wasn't the first time. While he is hardly considered a dance music artists, we threw this one in because it's so damn hilarious (and features cameos from actor Luke Wilson and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban)

6. Armin Van Buuren – Mentos

Something doesn't quite add up in this one. Maybe it's the private jet, awkward fist pumping, the countless outfit changes, or maybe its Armin Van Buuren slamming down a Mentos right before a massive drop. We cant help to wonder why the biggest mint brand in the world would use the face of trance in their ad campaign…we will leave that one with you.

5. Deadmau5 – Sea Doo

Even the biggest self proclaimed producers have their price. Often criticizing other DJs for 'selling out', Deadmau5 can be found shredding waves across this Miami bay in a customised Sea Doo. There is something really cool about rolling into Miami with a custom wrapped Sea-Doo attached to your Ferrari though.

4. Steve Aoki – Bud Light Platinum

More recently, Steve Aoki hits the small screen for a Bud Light ad featuring a bunch of Dim Mak label mates like Deorro, Autoerotique and Australia's very own Uberjak'd. We can't help but to feel like a proud parent when seeing Uberjak'd in the ad.

3. Calvin Harris

More of an ad campaign rather than a commercial but who would of thought that in 2015, a DJ would be the underwear poster boy for Emporio Armani. I'm sure the 2005 Calvin Harris would be just as shocked as we are.

2. Daft Punk Gap Commercial

As stated by one of the Youtube comments this ad is definitely one of those "It's so bad, it's amazing" commercials. Before the stylish St Laurent Hedi designed sequin suits that we know of today, Daft Punk can be seen rocking double denim and dancing to their timeless hit 'Digital Love' with Julliette Lewis. Yep, nothing says it's 2001 like double denim and flared jeans.

1. David Guetta's Hair Gel Commercial

Warning: This is not a parody. Nothing beats David Guetta's Party-Proof (or as said by Guetta as Party Poohf) commercial for L'Oreal. Before Guetta's trademark long hair, he razzled crowds with a slicked up Mohawk/Peacock styled hair-do. Definitely one to leave off the showreel.