A State Of Trance Australian Celebration Weekend

If you're a trance lover, you'll know that these is nothing better than when Armin Van Buuren's Iconic A State Of Trance event rolls into Australia. While Armin's stay in Australia is short, he is presenting an action packed weekend with a bunch of other massive names in trance. For the first event of his epic ASOT 700 celebration weekend, Armin Van Buuren will be taking Sydney's Luna Park for his A State Of Trance recording party. The recording party will feature a warm up set by Armin to get the blood flowing, followed by the 2-hour radio show, which is featuring other ASOT artists for a bunch of interviews and talks. Following the radio show, Armin will be delivering a special treat to his fans with a short DJ set to kick off the weekend of festivities.

Armin van Buuren: "We'll be taking this concept to the next level with different festivals on different continents during which the radio studio will get a more prominent place then ever. We're all looking for that special State and hope to reach that through different artists and music, for example by giving new talent a platform to perform. The interaction with my fans is key to me, that's why "Together in A State of Trance" will be the new theme this year."

Friday, Armin Van Buuren and friends take on the sold out Hisense Arena in Melbourne. Featuring a bunch of exciting names in trance like Aly & Fila, Bryan Kearney and David Gravell. Armin is also bringing trance legend Benno de Goeij along to form their latest 'hooded' project Gaia. Sydney gets a similar treatment with Armin setting the pace at the Sydney Showground. Gaining another massive support act and a favourite amongst Aussies, Marlo will be warming up for Armin in the early hours of the morning.

And If you're stuck at home, the radio show can be streamed on the ASOT website.