Tenzin's Top 5 Travel Destinations

You may know Tenzin as one of Australia's most reputable DJs, having been a regular fixture on the national and international touring circuit. It only takes a look at his Facebook/Instagram to see how much travelling the man does, and before he embarks once more around the country for Sessions Twelve, Tenzin has shared with us his Top 5 Travel Destinations.

Barcelona, Spain

So much culture, so much amazing architecture. The Sagrada Familia is by far the most incredible building I have ever stepped foot inside. I went to a dance party inside of a castle.


Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is an island just off the coast of Thailand. I love to just chill and relax and unwind here or sometimes I fly over to play the full moon party on Koh Phangan. It's a smaller island off Koh Samui.

These parties get really really wild. You need to make sure you have a few rest days after this one.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

This little city has such an amazing vibe and the party scene is rocking. It's mostly known for its red light district, which is out of control with prostitutes lined up in glass windows all along the street. It's also known for its relaxed marijuana laws but my favourite is ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) when the global music industry all converges together for a music conference.


Bali, Indonesia

Definitely one of my favourite places to holiday or DJ. The Balinese are the nicest people you will ever meet anywhere in world, always smiles. There is some amazing restaurants with some of the best food you will eat anywhere in the world. The super club “Skygarden" is where I spin on a regular basis, this place never disappoints. If you have enough time, head out to the islands, this where it is really paradise.


Ibiza, Spain

This dance music party island is the hub for electronic music in Europe, I love this place because from the moment you hit the tarmac the whole plane claps and cheers because they know how much fun they are about to have. My first show ever in Ibiza was at David Guetta's night "F*** Me I'm Famous". Ushuaia pool parties are unbelievable as well.