Toilet Room - The Sydney Boiler Room Spin Off

Inspired by the Boiler Room experience, a bunch of enterprising young Australians have created a similar event called Toilet Room and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like i.e. partying in a shitter.

On the Toilet Room facebook they say, “Intended to be a harmless piss-take-ToiletRoom will mimic the format of the now infamous BoilerRoom music portal, and offer viewers the chance to witness some of the finest DJs and producers, throwing down their ripest of nuggets from the depths of the grimiest porcelain palaces we can find. Based in Sydney Australia, ToiletRoom will play host to a slew of world-class Internationals as well as a number of up-and-coming locals. Keep your eyes peeled, ears to the ground, and nose plugged, coz ToiletRoom will be stinking up a bathroom near you soon....

The first event has just been, featuring Paleman, and a couple of the dudes from the office went along so we asked them what they thought of the night:

The first one was pretty slippery but I’m sure the second one will be solid.” – Drew

It was a really good vibe, no one cracked the shits” - Gordy

Allllllright, lads, that'll do. The whole concept is pretty #topical considering the sweeping reforms and 'lockout laws' set to change the Sydney scene, maybe toilets will become our only refuge in the barren wasteland of Australian nightlife. Best start getting into it:

Via Pedestrian TV