Tom Budin's 5 Tips To Boost Your Studio Creativity

There's a new name in dance music that you'll be wanting to remember, and it's Tom Budin. Sydney local Tom Budin has been sitting near the top of the Beatport charts for the last few months, and we're hardly surprised given his recent string of absolute bangers, that have earned him comparisons to the likes of dance legends Oliver Heldens and Tchami.

Although he's been around for a minute, his recent releases, 'Mirrors' & Sydney lockout anthem, 'Mike Baird', along with a some huge remixes have launched his name to the top as he has been getting constant plays in the sets of some of the biggest names in dance music. Better still, Tom Budin has just recently signed with Lucky Ent which is likely to propel him even further into success.

Given his production consistency and winning formula, and to celebrate the release of On The Download, in which Tom has mixing credits, he has provided us with his Top 5 Tips to Boost Studio Creativity.

If you're any bit serious about producing great dance tracks, you ought to soak this up:

1) Your best ally in the world of music production is headroom.

2) The more sounds you piece together to create a single sound, the more ability you have to manipulate every aspect of that sound.

3) People often look past EQ as a form of compression and sound normalization, a lot more can be done with EQ than you could ever imagine. EQ is one of the most fundamental aspects of sound manipulation.

4) If you want to create a sound, close your eyes and imagine the sound, separate the sound into pieces/layers/groups of frequencies, after a while of doing so you will be able to isolate, define and recreate sounds that you never thought were possible through synthesis.

5) If you ever find yourself struggling to create content, take a step back and try something else, try another genre/combine genres, try another sound, something new, something that will help get the creative juices flowing.

On The Download: April/May mixed by Tom Budin is out now on iTunes